The Human Builds Us a Toy

"Human, I will not have to swat you today." "That's very kind, Bagheera. You shouldn't swat me any day, because I'm nice to you. But what is the occasion for you not wanting to swat me today?" "Jacey and I had a conversation about the cat tree you built us." "And?" "We like it. That means we will not swat you." "Bagheera, do not say such things about me. I do not swat the human. If he is doing something I do not like, I gently push his paw away. And he stops. You do not have to Read more [...]

November 22 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. The human tells me that he may be coming back home with a treat for me and Jacey. Apparently many kind humans from a home improvement store showed other humans how to build cat trees. When Jacey and I heard about this, we demanded one so the human says he will make us one. This will be good because it will be a place for us to relax in and work on our fur tans. That is always good. But we are concerned. The human tells us that if this goes well, he will build more things. Read more [...]

Mixed News On Freida

I told you about how my fellow special needs cat Freida the Throw Away Kitty went to see the humans in white coats to determine what was making her sick. She made the long trip to Tufts University from Maine last week, and the white coated humans ran the tests they needed in order to find out what was going on with Freida. One of the many tests that was performed on Freida was to test for feline infectious peritonitis, or FIP. It would have been very bad news if Freida had this disease, because Read more [...]

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.