A Happy Cat Reunion

Kids Cry After Reunion with Cat

My furiends, one things I hope to never have to endure is an long separation from the human. Yes, he does things that annoy me. I do not like the insulin injections and ear sticks he must give me since I am a diabetic cat. And lately, he has been brushing me more and I do not like it when he tries to get a clump out of my fur. But when he goes away for too long, there is a very happy cat reunion waiting for him when he comes back. It is not limited to me. Jacey and Marley also provide him Read more [...]
Special Needs Cat Baxter has FIV

Meet FIV Positive Cat Baxter

You know that I like to highlight special needs cats because as a diabetic cat, I am one. Today I want you to meet a cat that has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). This is the feline version of the virus that causes AIDS. Just like humans, felines who have this virus can live a long time before we show symptoms, and it is not a disease that is easily spread.  Once the disease does take hold, it compromises the immune system, and infections that most cats can shake off can become very dangerous. But Read more [...]
Sassie Playing

Jacey Shares Some Happy Stories

Hi, everyone! It's Jacey! Did you know that my name means happy? It is a very fitting name for me because that is my personality. The human says that if I were a two legged creature, I would be the stereotypical happy and friendly Southern California girl. I do not know why he expected anything different, because that's what I am. I am happy that today, it is my turn to talk for my brofur Bagheera the Diabetic Cat! Naturally, a happy cat is going to share happy stories with you. And that is what Read more [...]

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.