African Jungle Cat Hybrid Simba Needs Help

Do you remember Simba, the early generation African jungle cat hybrid I told you about?  He’s at Spots and Stripes, and because he’s started to bond to the human who runs that cat rescue, he’s staying with her.  Early generation hybrids are too difficult for most humans to handle, and they bond very strongly with the humans who care for them.

Simba the African Jungle Cat Before He Went to the Humans In White CoatsSimba needed help for an enclosure, but that never got built because the humans running Spots and Stripes were able to isolate him and put him in a room of his own.  Later, some other early generation hybrids joined Simba in his room, and things looked a lot better.

Recently, though, Simba’s health took a turn for the worse.  He was taken to the humans in white coats — this time without taking a big chunk out of the humans at Spots and Stripes — and was diagnosed with feline panleukopenia.  This disease can be a deadly one for felines, but fortunately, Simba was able to pull through.  Maybe it was because he’s 75 percent African jungle cat but whatever the reason, it’s good news. Let's Help Spots and Stripes Pay for African Jungle Cat Simba's Treatment

The treatment was very expensive, however, and this comes on top of a situation where funds for Spots and Stripes were frozen due to a dispute over a cat that was adopted from them.  Simba’s treatment will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,100.  Spots and Stripes has put down $1,000 as a down payment, but they need help raising the remaining amount so that Simba can come home.

Because Simba has a high percentage of African jungle cat in him, isolation is not a problem.  That is what happened to him when he first got to Spots and Stripes, and as long as he gets attention from the human he has started to bond to, it will be okay.

It is good that this wonderful African jungle cat hybrid has been able to fight off a potentially deadly disease.  Let’s help Spots and Stripes pay the cost of helping him recover.

Bagheera (426 Posts)

Bagheera is a wonderful and loving cat who started off his life on the wrong foot. Literally. He is a polydactyl and since breed standard for bengals does not allow polydactylism, he was given to an animal rescue group. His human had just lost a dear feline friend, but he was fascinated by both the bengal breed and the polydactylism. So he flew up to see Bagheera, and fell in love. He took Bagheera home the same day and Bagheera didn't even let out a peep when he went on a noisy loud small airplane. Several years later, Bagheera had to endure another plane ride, but this time, it was on a big airplane. He moved with his human to San Diego. And he was all set to enjoy a life of soaking up the southern California sun but then something else got in the way. Bagheera was diagnosed with diabetes. This meant that he would have to overcome one more challenge. His diabetes is being treated with insulin and a low carb diet. He has gained back all the weight he lost and is the same active, happy, rambunctious cat that he was before his diagnosis. But he wants to help raise awareness of feline diabetes. He wants humans everywhere to realize that while diabetic cats require a little extra care and they cost more to keep healthy, they are loving and playful companions for the right humans!

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  1. I´ve shared this and hope there are lots of humans with these green paper that can help! Keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers for Simba! <3 <3 <3

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