White Coated Humans Save Cross Eyed Cat

Furiends, we felines often find ways to make our way into your hearts. And when we do, we often find ways to help the kind humans taking care of us. A feline who showed up on the door of a veterinary clinic show us exactly how this works.

One day, the humans at the Ryde Veterinary Clinic in New South Wales, Australia found three abandoned kittens in a box. Because they are kind humans, they took the felines in. The felines were only two weeks old, which meant that the white coated humans had to nurse them around the clock.

Out of the three felines, only Alf made it. And the white coated humans tried to adopt him out. But after a while, everyone in the clinic had started to enjoy having Alf around. Who wouldn’t enjoy the antics of a playful and grateful tiny feline?

The white coated humans at the clinic decided that they would keep Alf as their resident cat. And now, Alf makes sure the humans do their jobs well.

Alf Waiting to Greet Customers
Alf Waiting to Greet Customers

Every morning, Alf patiently waits for the white coated humans to arrive. Then, after getting his noms, he takes his spot at the front desk. While there, he greets all of the arrivals, both four legged and two legged.

Alf may have crossed eyes, but he knows how to make sure they check in. And he also makes sure to give his input on what is happening at the clinic. Sure, the white coated humans there have lots of training and education. But Alf knows all about feline health because he is a feline!

Alf enjoys his life at the clinic, and the white coated humans and their patients, both two legged and four legged, enjoy having him there. This adorable cross eyed feline has come a long way since he was found abandoned at the clinic!

March 18 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. Before I do that, though, I want to tell you about a new toy the human brought in and what Koji and I did to it.

We got in a new toy from a company called Kitty Kick Stix. This toy is a very fun one. It is long enough for us to grab in our mouths and give rabbit kicks to. And that is a lot of fun. But it is even more fun because there is catnip in it, and that makes us really want to pounce on it.

I tried it first, and kicked it around quite a bit. Koji wanted to play with it, but I did not let him. When he tried, I gave him a kick to tell him no. But after a while, I let Koji play with the toy. And did he ever play with it.

Now, furiends, it is not fair to put any toy up against two strong bengal cats. We are very good at tearing things apart, and do not forget, I have extra toes to help me grab on to things. But this toy, which stands up well to most felines, did not hold up against me and Koji.

Koji Playing With the Kitty Kick Stix
Koji Playing With the Kitty Kick Stix

The human just sighed and cleaned up the mess we made. He knows we will continue to play with the Kitty Kick Stix until we destroy it.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 122. This is a very good blood sugar reading, furiends. If a white coated human saw that and did not know about my diabetes, they would be surprised when they learned I am battling that disease.

I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next week. We will also see if the toy survives the week!

Kind Human Rescues Feline in Tree

I’ve shared a lot of stories about felines in trees with you. One human tried to help a feline and got stuck. And some fire departments are starting to come out to help felines stuck in trees because they do not want to have to rescue both a feline and a human.

That did not happen in Lincoln, Nebraska, recently. A feline got stuck in a tree approximately 30 feet above the ground. And because it was cold, the poor feline was shivering — possibly from fear as well.

Kind humans tried to coax the feline down with noms, but that did not work. The human who spotted the feline initially saw there were no good branches to climb down. They knew they needed help, and called authorities. But nobody would come to help.

The kind human refused to give up. They turned to social media, posting on Facebook to ask for help. And someone who runs a window cleaning service offered to help. They arrived on the scene and evaluated things. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong for them to safely use a long ladder to get to the feline. But this human promised to return the next morning to help.

The feline stayed in the tree overnight. The human with the window washing service showed up promptly the next morning. Fortunately, the winds slowed enough for them to use their ladder.

They put the ladder on the tree, and climbed up it with a carrier and a towel. But the feline wanted nothing to do with the carrier, and jumped on the human’s shoulders. They slowly made their way down the ladder, and soon the feline was safe.

A Very Grateful Feline
A Very Grateful Feline

The human who initially saw the feline took them in, and visited the white coated humans. They could not find a chip. Naturally, they wanted to adopt the feline, but state law requires a 30 day waiting period.

After the 30 days are up, the human who came to help the feline will give it a furever home. And they will make sure the only tree their feline climbs is inside their home!

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.