Canine Dies on Airplane Flight

I have only been on an airplane twice. Once was when the human got me and I was a tiny mitten kitten. It was just the two of us in a small airplane, and he flew us back from the place where he adopted me. That was not too bad, and I had the human right next to me the whole time. I was a good feline, and did not even complain until the human had the airplane all tied down and ready for the next person to fly.

The second time was when we moved from Maryland to San Diego. This time, the human did not fly the airplane. We had to fly on a much bigger one, and I sat underneath the seat. The human took good care of me during the flight. So did the humans who were working during the flight. They came to check on me and asked the human if I wanted some noms.

Unfortunately, this did not happen with a canine. This poor canine died after one of the humans working the flight demanded that the canine be put in the overhead bin! Furiends, the overhead bin is no place for any live animal. The poor canine could not breathe, and they sadly left us after suffering.

This Canine Died on a United Airlines Flight
This Canine Died on a United Airlines Flight

Now, the human who required the canine be put in the overhead bin claims they did not know that a canine was in there. But the humans who lost their canine said they told the crew member they had a canine in the bag. Either way, this is wrong!

I am obviously mad at the flight crew member who required the dog to go into the overhead bin. But I am even angrier at the hundreds of humans who listened to the dog suffer and die. They did nothing to help this poor canine. And that, furiends, is the worst part of it. Too many humans decided to let an animal suffer and die!

March 11 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. Yesterday, I told you about how the human did not feel so good because of the switch to daylight saving time. The human was grumpy yesterday because of the switch and because he did not remember to change the time on the talking box. And he got even more annoyed at himself today. He forgot to change the time on the talking box again last night.

Fortunately for him, Koji and I did our usual right before the talking box starts talking play and woke him up. Koji hopped on the bed with a giant thud, and the human woke up from that. Then the human realized, oh no, I forgot to change the time and woke up.

We Felines Are Very Good at Waking Up Humans
We Felines Are Very Good at Waking Up Humans

Koji and I laughed at him while we ate our noms. And then, unlike him, we went back to bed. You see, because we are felines, we can sleep whenever we want! This is something the human cannot do.

Now that I have shared with you something funny about the human, let me tell you about my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 166. This is a little higher than the 154 we saw last week, but it is still okay.

There was only one really concerning glucose level last week. That came when my blood sugar levels had dropped to 36. Of course, the human could not give me any insulin with my blood sugar that low. So without insulin, my blood sugar level spiked with the next reading. But averaged out, even these two extremes were not so bad.

I was glad I was able to skip an insulin shot, but I will tolerate those so that I feel good. Hopefully, we do not have any readings that go so low over this week. I will let you know about this next Monday.

Daylight Saving Time and Felines

Furiends, the human is not happy right now. He got up an hour earlier because of daylight saving time. He does not like this ritual of moving the clocks forward an hour in the spring and an hour back in the fall. And he says there are lots of reasons to not like this.

But for felines, does it matter? Do we care about getting up an hour earlier or sleeping an hour longer? A white coated human looked into this.

Feline Helping Adjust the Clock
Feline Helping Adjust the Clock

The white coated human concluded that for us felines, it does not matter. After all, we sleep up to 18 hours a day. And since we can go back to sleep as soon as we like, getting up an hour early does not matter. When the talking box starts to talk, the human gets up, gives us our noms, and then goes about getting ready for the day. We felines eat the noms, and then we go back to relaxing.

We do not go back to sleep right away, since we enjoy our time with the human in the morning. Koji likes to watch him take a shower, and even swats the water jets. So we do not need to go back to sleep right away after the human feeds us. But if we wanted to, we could!

In the fall, though, when we have to wait another hour for our noms, we do not like it. We know when our noms are going to come, and when they do not come on time, we complain. But the human ignores us until the talking box starts to talk. And then we get our noms.

There is some complication with me being a diabetic cat. But the change of an hour in when I get my insulin is not really a big issue. So even for a diabetic cat, daylight saving time affects humans more than felines.

But the human does not like it, and since he does not, I think it should go away.

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.