Help Diabetic Cats in Need

Furiends, Diabetic Cats in Need helps many felines. I have shared stories of felines they are helping find homes. And in addition to these things, they help humans who are dealing with diabetic cats for the first time.

One of the felines Diabetic Cats in Need has helped is Ms. Kitty. She had a tough life. She used to live on the street. Fortunately for her, a kind human took her in and gave her the care she needed. But Ms. Kitty still went through some tough times. She developed diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be deadly. Ms. Kitty recovered from this, but then after three years, she developed it again. And then she had to fight off pancreatitis. Plus, she went blind.

All through her battles, Diabetic Cats in Need helped. Furiends, without their resources, Ms. Kitty would have left us. Her human is simply not able to come up with enough green paper things to pay the white coated humans.

Help Diabetic Cats in Need with Ms. Kitty

And Ms. Kitty is just one of the hundreds of felines who have been helped by Diabetic Cats in Need. Now, they are asking for our help. They need many green paper things to continue the good work they do. And they are asking us to help provide some.

The human already gave some green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need. I am sharing their fundraiser because I want others to help. Please send green paper things to them if you can. And if you cannot, I understand. But you can share their request, and that will help.

The human and I talked about this, and I made him promise to donate an additional $5 for every contribution that comes through this blog post, up to $150. So if only 30 of you seeing this give green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need, the human will give the full amount.

Can we make the human give away more green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need? Let’s find out, furiends! Please give today and let them know Bagheera sent you.

June 17 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend. If you are a father, I hope you enjoyed your day. While the human is not my feline father, he is like a human father to me, Jacey, and Koji. So naturally, we felines enjoyed showing him how much we like him being our human father.

Jacey Being a Purrito

Jacey did a lot of talking to him, and she even hopped on his chest and made biscuits. The human liked it, but he did not like Jacey’s sharp nails poking him. Koji decided that it would be a good day to hop on pop, as one of your children’s books say. And I refrained from swatting the human, giving him friendly paw taps instead.

I hope that all of you fathers of humans enjoyed your day with your human children. I also hope that they did not hop on pop if they are too big for that!

Now on to my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 166. That is similar to what they averaged last week, when they were 153. We had a few days where my blood sugar got lower than the human wanted. But overall, these are good blood sugar levels.

The human is a little concerned about how we are seeing too many blood sugar readings that are lower than we want. We do not know if it is because I do not feel like nomming, or if my insulin dose needs to be adjusted. We will talk to the white coated humans to see if we can drop my insulin dose a little more.

Remember, we have already dropped my normal dose by half a unit of insulin. So we do not want to drop it again, and then see my blood sugar levels climb too high. But we also do not want to risk me getting sick from blood sugar readings that are too low.

This is the tough balancing act the human must do, furiends!


Frozen Tiny Felines Grow Up to Be Feisty Cats

Adult felines are pretty adaptable creatures. We can endure a lot, and we can usually find a way to get out of trouble. But tiny felines are very vulnerable. And when a tiny feline is only days old, they are practically helpless without their mother. After hearing that a litter of tiny felines were freezing in a bush, a kind human rushed over to help.

They did not even wait to go to the white coated humans. Instead, they immediately warmed up the tiny felines with the vents in their car. Then these kind humans took the tiny felines home. They bottle fed the tiny felines, but one of them, Bagel, stopped responding to the bottle.

The human rescuer got very worried. They thought that Bagel might not make it. After switching to tube feeding, they tried getting Bagel to eat from a bottle at every feeding session. Finally, one day, she nommed from the bottle.

Furiends, when Bagel finally nommed from the bottle, her human rescuer was very happy. And then they started to celebrate every milestone the tiny felines reached. When they started grooming each other, they celebrated. Eating solid food? That was a reason to celebrate. And the tiny felines, after given a chance to thrive, started to show off their personalities.

One of the tiny felines is named Spud. He’s the feisty feline in the group. Pancake has become a little lap kitten.

As for Bagel, she is the most fearless. She jumped over the baby gate the human rescuer was using to keep her in a secured place. And she loved being held by her foster human.

Yes, I said foster human. You see, this kind human takes in felines, helps them grow strong, and then sends them to good homes. They admit that it is hard to let these felines go. But they also know that when they do this, they can help other felines.

Furiends, I know many of you say that you cannot bear giving up a feline you have grown to love and that is why you do not foster. But if there is room in your home to try, please do. You see, if this foster human did not take in Bagel, Pancake, and Spud, they never would have had a chance to thrive.

Please consider giving other felines a chance to thrive by fostering!