Police Officer Rescues Feline from Busy Road

Humans with badges help protect and serve the public. Sometimes, these duties include protecting and serving creatures with more than two legs. And that is what happened in Livonia, Michigan recently.

A police officer responded to a call about a cat who was trapped on a busy interstate freeway. When the police officer arrived, he met with the human who called in the trapped cat. The officer and the calling human knew they had to help the feline, otherwise, it was in real risk of getting killed by fast moving cars.

The officer had to think fast, and he did. He called in another unit, and they positioned their patrol cars to protect the feline. Then, they approached the terrified feline. They talked to the feline, hoping to calm her down. And when this worked, they were able to get the feline into one of their cars.

Police Officers Rescued Libby

Soon, the feline, who has been named Libby, went to the Michigan Humane Society. There, humans in white coats examined Libby. They learned she had an upper respiratory infection and treated her for it. She quickly recovered, and now Libby is available for adoption. This is very good news, furiends. I am glad Libby is safe.

The police department received many calls asking about the feline they saved. They recommend that people interested in Libby contact the Michigan Humane Society.

I do not like riding in cars, and I think I would hate being so close to them on the street. Libby probably dislikes car rides even more than I do after being exposed to so many fast moving ones and being defenseless against them! I am glad the police officers helped her, and we also need to give credit to the human who called them.

Hopefully Libby finds a home inside, away from cars, very soon!

May 20 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I am happy to be able to get back on the catputer and publish my blog. Evil humans tried to attack my site, and the human had to do a lot of work to fix it. You see, the human did not know that some of the things called plugins were outdated and discontinued. So some evil humans used flaws in these to attack us.

Fortunately, the human was able to get help, and now we are back up and running. And furiends, I changed the appearance of our website. I hope you like it!

Now hopefully, the smart humans who helped us fight against the evil hackers will find out who attacked us. Then, I hope they will allow me to go and swat and bite those evil humans for as long as I want. I will get Koji to help me with rabbit kicks!

Cat Rabbit Kick
Koji’s Rabbit Kicks Are Far More Fierce

It has been two weeks since I told you about my blood sugar readings, so I will tell you about both weeks. For the week ending May 13, my blood sugar readings averaged 184. And then, for the week ending on May 13, my blood sugar readings averaged 194.

In the week before that, my blood sugar levels averaged 110. So you can see that there was a significant jump in my blood sugar levels over the past two weeks. The human and I are not sure why this happened. But even with this increased blood sugar level, it is not too bad. We are still averaging lower than the 200 level where the human gets unhappy. And we are significantly below the 250 level where things can become problematic over the long term.

Furiends, I am hopeful that my blood sugar levels will settle down over the next few days. If they do that, then the human will be happy. And when the human is happy, I am, too!

Declawing Bans Spread Through Canada

Furiends, I have never been to Canada. The human has and he says that I would probably like it. I do not know, furiends. He told me that there are many white watery things falling from the sky and I told him that Jacey and Koji would not like that.

But there is one thing that we would all like. Another province in Canada decided to ban declawing. Now, I should tell you that the human had my dew claws removed. But that is because they kept getting ingrown into my paw pad. My extra toe is like a thumb. And the dew claw would get trapped between, and get ingrown. After the second time this happened, the white coated humans recommended I have my dew claws removed.

This is very different, furiends, than declawing for non-medical reasons. Some humans have felines declawed because they do not like us scratching the furniture. But when they do this, they take away from us a tool we use to protect ourselves. And sometimes, this results in us biting more or going outside of the litter box, among other behavioral problems.

We Felines Need Our Claws

Plus, it is just cruel to declaw us felines. You humans would not like it if we chopped your fingers off at the top knuckle. So you should not do that to us felines.

In a statement, the organization that governs white coated humans in British Columbia said “elective and non-therapeutic declawing is ethically problematic and not an appropriate means of dealing with feline behaviour issues.” And in another province, Nova Scotia, similar comments were made. “That’s why we do need the ban. Because one declaw is one too many,” said one of the white coated humans behind the declawing ban there.

I am glad that these provinces banned declawing. Many cities in my home state of California also have declawing bans in place. I hope that soon, many other cities and states will ban this cruel practice.