November 11 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. I will also let you know about some things that have been going on around the house.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 165. That is about the same as what they averaged the week before, where the average was 169. But we continued to have the same problem as the week before, where my blood sugar levels bounced all over the place. It was not as bad as last week, because we did not have any levels where the human was worried I would get sick. But we still do not like it.

The frustrating thing for the human is that there is no indication of anything going on. One evening my blood sugar levels will be normal, and I nom like normal. But then the next morning, I am hypoglycemic. Then I nom again, and my glucose reading goes high because I did not get any insulin.

It is frustrating for the human but he will work with it. That is all he can do. I show my gratitude to him by giving him lots of head bonks and sandpaper kisses.

Now to what happened around the house. The human has decided to get rid of some old plants that did not make it and replace them with ones that look good. He did that last week, and Koji and I decided to nom on some of the new plants. Do not worry, they are not bad for us. But we both nommed too much on some of the new plants, and quickly vomited.

Koji and I Like Doing This

The human had to clean up the mess, and he was not happy. But we did not care. It is too tempting to not nom on some plants. And he has no choice but to tolerate it!

Diabetic Cat Winona Needs a Home

The kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need shared Winona’s story. I wanted to make sure you saw it so that you could help her.

One of the white coated humans working for MaxFund in Denver found a feline wandering outside. They thought this feline might be pregnant, so they took her to the MaxFund facility. They found out that the feline was not pregnant, which was good news. After treating the feline and spaying her, they named her Winona.

Soon, the white coated humans learned that Winona is a diabetic cat. They put her on a special diet, and something very good happened, furiends. Winona’s diabetes was able to be controlled with diet only! That means she does not have to endure the ear sticks and insulin shots most diabetic cats deal with.

Diabetic Cat Winona Needs a Home

When Winona arrived in the shelter, she was very friendly and loved interacting with people. But she does not like the noise and activity at the shelter, and it has started to bother her. Now, she gets irritable and will require a kind human who understands that they will have to rebuild trust with her.

Even though Winona is not happy in the shelter, she still likes to play. Wand toys are her favorite. They are a good way for whoever adopts Winona to get her to trust them. And once she does trust a human, she loves getting scratches under her chin.

Winona does not like other felines at the shelter, although the white coated humans think that might change when she gets a home of her own. They do not know how she does around canines. But with a slow introduction, it’s likely she will be okay.

Do you have room in your home for this feline? If you do, please start the application process with MaxFund. And if you cannot, please share Winona’s story so that she can find a home.

Feline Helps Woman Detect Breast Cancer

Kind humans who adopt felines know they are saving a life. Usually, they think it is the feline’s life they are saving. But sometimes, the adopted feline ends up helping save the human’s life. That is what happened to a woman in Oregon.

A black and white feline named Mia went home with kind humans about a year ago. Both human and feline enjoyed spending time with each other. But one day, Mia sniffed her human’s breast, and looked up at her human. She did this multiple times, and each time the human pushed her away.

Eventually, Mia’s human figured Mia was trying to tell her something. So she did a breast exam and found a lump. Her human went to the white coated humans to have the lump checked. And the white coated humans told her she had cancer. Now Mia’s human is getting treatment for cancer, and she is doing well.

Mia Helped Her Human Detect Cancer
Mia Helped Her Human Detect Cancer

Mia has shifted her role. Instead of being the cancer detector, she now helps her human by comforting her as she battles cancer.

“She’s definitely just my angel now,” said Mia’s human about her feline. “I rescued Mia. But she rescued me right back.”