Human Rescuing Cat Requires Their Own Rescue

Furiends, it is not a surprise when a feline gets stuck in a tree. We felines are very good at climbing up trees. But because our claws only work one way, when we want to come back down, we have to lower ourselves to the ground backwards. And sometimes, we do not want to do this.

Kind humans who see felines stuck in trees naturally want to help. They do not want to see a feline suffer in the tree. But be careful, furiends. Or you can end up stuck in the tree yourself.

That is what happened to one human in Werrington, in the United Kingdom. Bella, who is a 13 week old feline, got stuck in a tree. She meowed for help, and one of her human’s visiting friends went to give it.

They were able to get up the tree and got the feline to trust them. But in getting up the tree, they got their foot stuck. So their friend called the firefighters, who arrived on the scene. “They tied a rope around the branch and three of them pulled the rope” to help the trapped human free their leg. “Then another fireman climbed up the ladder and helped her down.”

In the meantime, Bella decided she had enough of the tree. She climbed down the tree to the firefighters, “so they carried her down, too. It was a ridiculous situation, but Bella loved all the attention.”

“I’ve kept her inside ever since her adventure,” Bella’s human said.

I am glad everyone, feline and human, escaped harm in this situation. But Bella’s adventure reminds us that we felines should stay inside whenever possible. And if a feline escapes and needs help, firefighters said it is best to contact an animal rescue organization. They have the personnel and resources to help better than an individual human can.

Diabetic Cat Friskie Needs Our Help

When we felines get dental work, it is expensive. The human is taking Jacey in to get her teeth cleaned, and it will require many green paper things. And the white coated human who is going to take care of Jacey’s teeth says that she probably will not need the more extensive and expensive treatment.

The human does not like spending lots of green paper things on Jacey, but he realizes that he has to. And he is in a position to be able to do it. Many other humans cannot afford to do this.

That’s what Friskie and his human are dealing with right now. Friskie, you see, recently went home with a kind human who took him in despite his diabetes. They took him to the white coated humans and learned that his teeth needed to be cleaned. And after taking on the responsibility of caring for a diabetic cat, they did not have the green paper things to handle his dental work.

Diabetic Cats in Need stepped in to help. They told me about what Friskie is going through, and now I am sharing his story with you. They are hoping to raise $1,000 to get Friskie’s teeth cleaned. When that happens, they think it will help get his blood sugar levels under control.

Diabetic Cat Friskie Needs Dental Work
Diabetic Cat Friskie Needs Dental Work

Friskie’s human wishes they had the green paper things to handle this on their own, but they do not. And Diabetic Cats in Need is looking to others to help fund his treatment. They have helped so many diabetic cats, and now they want to help this one.

Can you spare a few green paper things for Friskie? If you can, please contribute. And if you cannot, please share Friskie’s story so that others can. If we work together, I know we can help my fellow diabetic cat get his teeth cleaned!

February 18 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. The human tells me that many humans around here have the day off. And if you are one of the humans who are not working today, enjoy your day. Maybe it means you can spend more time with your four legged furiends. They may want to sit on your lap and purr or sleep by you.

 Koji Being Silly
Koji Being Silly

Jacey, Koji and I will spend the day relaxing for you if you are not one of the humans who has the day off today. If you cannot do it, at least you will have felines you like do it for you. Koji got a head start on relaxing. Right now, he is curled up in his favorite spot right by the window.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, they averaged 173. That’s lower than the week before, when they averaged 195. While that is good news, we had one time where my blood sugar levels were too low.  But that morning, I was very demanding and yelled at the human to give me noms as soon as the talking box started talking.

However, around that time, the human noticed that I was having a loose and very smelly stool. Furiends, you know that feline stools are typical much harder than human ones. When my blood sugar level dropped, mine was almost like a human one.

The human thinks that maybe I had a digestive issue and that is what caused my glucose levels to drop. After all, if I do not want to nom because my stomach hurts, it only makes sense that my blood sugar would drop.

But do not worry, furiends. The human will keep track of my blood sugar and make sure it stays under control. I will let you know how it goes next week.

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.