A Call with the Veterinarian

So my human had a call with the veterinarian this morning.  They are not going to make any changes to my insulin dosing.  My human wanted to know if they would ramp up the insulin dosing a little for when my blood sugar goes over 300, but they said they were concerned Veterinarian with Catthat it would cause the blood sugar to drop lower than they want.

It didn’t help that my human was bad one day where this group of readings was taken.  He normally comes home for lunch and gives me and Jacey more food.  But he couldn’t that day.  Naturally, my blood sugar levels dropped a lot.  When you don’t eat, your blood sugar drops.

So the veterinarians saw that reading and it concerned them.  That’s why they didn’t want to change things.

They consider me a fairly well regulated diabetic cat.  Of course, my human is not satisfied and he probably won’t be until my blood sugar levels are close to normal

But I think I’m going to have to swat some sense into him.  He told you about Clyde’s struggles yesterday, and he is still fussing?  What a silly human.  I know he wants the best for me but sometimes, he is so silly.

He should be happy.  The veterinarian said that I am doing okay, and instead of fussing, he should be happy.  I will have to teach him to be more cat like.  We are generally content when things are okay.  Or maybe he should go do more yoga.

But I think I’ll keep him around.  He does care for me and I have to remember that he’s only human.

What do you think about my human or my dosing?  Please tell me and please share this story!

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