Things Change Quickly for a Diabetic Cat

As you know from following me on Facebook and by reading this blog, one of the challenges diabetic cats have to deal with is having blood sugar readings taken.  I have to endure twice daily tests.  This means my human has to torture me for a couple of seconds twice a day when he lances my ear, swipes the blood droplet with the AlphaTRAK2 Blood Sugar Metertest strip, and then waits for the meter to give a reading for him.

He does this because my insulin dosing is based on my blood sugar readings.  While the veterinarian said that my blood sugar levels are relatively well controlled, we still need to test twice daily to make sure that spikes and crashes are accounted for.  We want to make sure I get enough insulin if the blood sugar goes way too high.

But more importantly, if my blood sugar levels crash, we do not want to give me too much insulin.  Having a blood sugar level that’s too high is not good, but it’s not a life threatening situation.

Having a blood sugar level that’s too low means I need to be treated immediately and it’s a medical emergency.

You can see the blood sugar meter that my human uses to test me.  And that one has a nice reading, at 127.  If my blood sugar level was there, my human would be happy, and I’d get a tiny dose of Levemir.

Unfortunately, this morning, that was not the case.  My blood sugar was a little high last night, at 318.  So that’s higher than we want, but tolerable.

This morning, my blood sugar level was way too high.  It came in at 641.  My human hasn’t seen readings like that since I was first diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

He is hoping that it’s just an outlier, and that when he comes back tonight, everything will be closer to normal.

But this demonstrates how quickly things can change for a diabetic cat like me.  For weeks, we were seeing good blood sugar readings, and my human was even talking to the vet about possibly testing me once a day.  This setback shows why it’s important to stay on top of things because they shift so quickly.

Please let my human know what you think by commenting, and please share this with other people so they can learn about diabetic cats.

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4 Replies to “Things Change Quickly for a Diabetic Cat”

  1. I think what you are doing through facebook and your website is fantastic. It will turn into a great resource to help other kitties and their humans deal with feline diabetes and show that it can be managed and controlled and that both humans and their feline owners can still get lots of love and affection from each other.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you get that blood sugar level under control

  2. Hi, Jason. A head bonk and friendly meow to you for your kind words. I really want to do exactly what you say this will become.

    Please keep on coming by and commenting, and do share this with anyone who you think might find it helpful.

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