Help Special Needs Cat Dottie

Hello, everyone.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  I want to thank you all so much for helping me climb up in the Modern Cat contest.  Hopefully, you will help me climb to first place and I can raise awareness of special needs cats with feline diabetes.

I really want to thank my furiend Coco-Nut for helping me climb up the charts.  When Coco-Nut first talked about me, I was in 24th place. My human can be patient, and was hopeful that over time I would get to the top.  But he hasn’t had to be lately, because with Coco-Nut’s help, we’re in third place and we have a shot at the top spot!

There is another special needs cat named Dottie who needs our help.  Her story starts off very sadly, as an evil human did some horrible things to her.

Special Needs Cat DottieDottie was found in a parking lot.  She had been tortured and maimed, with an evil human cutting off both of the feet on her hind legs as well as her left ear.

You humans can be so kind, and you have shown this by the love you have shown to me and a whole lot of other furiends.  Unfortunately, you can also be very cruel and poor Dottie suffered because of this.

A human named Monica heard Dottie’s story and had to adopt her.  It took a lot of research and visits to the veterinarian, but Monica was able to find a company that would make prosthetic legs for her furiend.  This will allow Dottie to address her special needs and live a normal feline life.

Dottie is lucky to have found such a kind human, but here’s what’s really special about this human.  Monica said that she is lucky to have a sweet angel like Dottie in her life.  She rescued poor Dottie, and she still considers herself lucky.  Isn’t that amazing?

You can’t take Dottie into your home, because Monica won’t let you.  But you canVote for Special Needs Cat Dottie help!  Vote for Dottie in the Petfinder Luckiest Pet Contest.  You can help her win $5,000 for the Cat Protection Society of Eustis, Florida and a $500 Petco gift card for Monica so she can shower Dottie with lots of love.

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4 Replies to “Help Special Needs Cat Dottie”

  1. Poor kitty!! People can be so evil and hateful!! Thank God this girlie is alive and well!! We love you Dottie, you cute kitty! 🙂

    1. Yes, Mike, it is nice to see that there are humans who will take care of poor abused animals like Dottie and give her a good life. I send you purrs and happy paw taps for caring enough to comment and vote!

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