Help Diabetic Cat Scooter Find a Home

As a polydactyl cat, I can do something most cats can’t.  I can give you a high five.  And that’s what I’m doing to thank you for reading my blog.  Today I want to introduce you to a fellow diabetic cat who can use help finding a new home.

Scooter the Diabetic CatMeet Scooter.  He’s a rescue cat, and his human adopted him in December of 2011.  His human found Scooter through a classified ad, and took him home.  After a few days, his human, who is named Rylee, noticed that something was not quite right.  Scooter was drinking a lot of water and was constantly going to the litter box.

Rylee wanted to know what was happening with Scooter, so she did some research online and found out about what diabetic cats have to deal with.  She got help from Diabetic Cats in Need and information from the Feline Diabetes Message Board.

For a while, thanks to the care of Rylee and help from Diabetic Cats in Need, Scooter was able to live a happy life.  Rylee said that Scooter was “loving life, lounging in the sun on the windowsill and running around, playing like a kitten again.”

Unfortunately, that didn’t last, as Rylee’s home situation got more stressful and she couldn’t give Scooter the kind of attention a diabetic cat needs.  We are just as loving and playful as any cat, but we do need extra attention from our humans.

Scooter the Diabetic Cat Needs a New HomeNow, Scooter’s human will have to move from British Columbia, which is a challenging transport, to somewhere else in Canada where it will be even more difficult to transport Scooter.

Thus, Scooter needs to find a new home as quickly as he can.  If you don’t have room in your home for this very handsome older cat, please share this so that someone else can help.

If you can help, please contact Celine at Diabetic Cats in Need.


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