Meet Dexter the Therapy Cat

Normally, I share stories about special needs cats.  While I try to highlight diabetic cats like me, I will share the story of any special needs cat so that you humans can learn how even though we present challenges, we are still loving and fun furiends for the right humans.

Everyone knows that there are many health benefits for your humans that come with having a furry friend like me around.  Here are six of them:

  • Lowered risk of allergies and asthma
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Lowered risk of heart attack
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Pets help stimulate ill people to take better care of themselves
  • Having a dog can help humans lose 15 pounds a year.  This is why if my human gets a dog, Jacey and I are not helping him.  He will have to walk the dog by himself!

Dexter is not a diabetic cat, he is a therapy catBut did you know that there are some very special furry friends who can do even more?  They are called therapy animals.  With so many of us felines out there, there are naturally therapy cats.  Therapy cats are used to help stroke victims, reduce blood pressure, lower patient anxiety, increase sensory stimulation, and help children with speech, language, and hearing problems.

Some studies suggest that therapy cats are even better than prescription drugs at reducing blood pressure.  But don’t get a feline friend instead of taking your blood pressure medicine, because I don’t want any of my human friends to get sick.

In order to earn a therapy cat certification, there are a lot of things that need to be done.  I would never pass the tests.  One of the requirements is that we must tolerate being passed to three different humans, and then we have to sit in a strange human’s lap for at least 30 seconds.  I do not like being held, even by my human, and I don’t sit in his lap.  And of course we cannot bite.  Well, I play bite my human, and there’s no way I’d let a stranger hold me and force me to sit in his lap without doing something to defend myself.

Dexter is not a diabetic cat, he is a therapy catThat’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Dexter the Therapy Cat.  Dexter is a certified therapy cat and his human Wendy is his partner.  He is one out of about 200 certified therapy cats in the United States.

You can see him here in a harness helping a human in hospice care.  Imagine having a friendly cat like Dexter come over to ease your mind as you spend your last few days in a hospice.  Of course, Dexter goes to other places to help humans feel better.

I hope you will visit Dexter’s Facebook page and like him.  While Dexter is not a diabetic cat, I am happy to tell my human friends about him so they can learn more about therapy cats.

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4 Replies to “Meet Dexter the Therapy Cat”

  1. My mom and I are enthusiastic supporters of Delta Society, a therapy pet organization we’ve come to know and love. We’ve met therapy dogs, of course, but also therapy rabbits, guinea pigs and even a therapy Llama! It’s funny: the animals are so wonderful that I can remember more of their names than the humans!
    Thanks, Bagheera, for highlighting this very special group of pets.

    1. Hi, Katie! Yes, these furry friends are wonderful, aren’t they? My human thinks I am smart enough to be a therapy cat but there are things that keep me from doing it. First, I like to play bite. My human is okay with this, but it is a big no no for therapy cats. I also don’t like to be held, even by my human. And if I don’t know you and you try to hold me, well, that’s not good for me or you.

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