Meet Lincoln the Formerly Quadraplegic Cat

I shared a story about a heartwarming rescue at Tenth Life, which is a group of humans in St. Louis that help special needs cats, including diabetic cats like me.  If that made your big human heart melt, I have another one that makes my feline heart beat a little quicker and makes me give happy meows.

It’s the story of Lincoln (his human calls him Linky).  Lincoln’s story starts on August 25, 201, as a woman in St. Louis found him lying on the sidewalk.  She called Tenth Life and told them she had found a kitten with a broken paw or two.  Tenth Life brought Lincoln into their care that day.

Lincoln is not a Diabetic Cat but he's a very Special One!Tenth Life came to get Lincoln, and they realized that Lincoln had a much worse condition.  He was completely quadriplegic.

His front paws were curled up and stiff and his back legs were stiff and were stuck in an awkward position. The only thing that he could do was lay on his side curled up in a little ball.  The poor guy could barely move his head!

Lincoln’s human fell in love with him and was determined to help him walk again.

They took Lincoln to the veterinarian, and x-rays  showed no broken bones.  When they did a pinch test on his toes, he showed some reaction.  That showed that he had some feeling in his limbs even though he couldn’t move them.  The diagnosis was some kind of spinal or neurological issue, which the veterinarian could not promise would improve with therapy.

But Lincoln’s human did a finger test, and saw that Lincoln was tracking her finger moving back and forth.  He was so determined to touch her finger even though he couldn’t, and she decided right then and there to help him walk.

She started physical therapy that night.  My human has been through it himself, and he calls it pain and torture.  He tells me that it’s a lot worse than the ear sticks and shots I endure.  And he only had to endure it a couple of times a week for an hour or so.  Lincoln did it five times a day!

All of the work of Lincoln and his human paid off just a few days later, when he took his first few steps.

Lincoln has gone from a paralyzed ball of fluff that could only move his head to a active, playful, and fully mobile cat!  His human promised him that he would walk again when she first got him and she was right!

Linky is another special needs cat, whether it’s a diabetic cat like me or one with a much more serious problem, showing that for the right human, we can be loving and fun friends.

Don’t let the label of diabetic cat, or special needs cat, scare you away from us.

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7 Replies to “Meet Lincoln the Formerly Quadraplegic Cat”

  1. I am so in love with Linky!! Thank you for loving and helping him; you’ve done so much more than anyone could imagine. Sending lots of love from New Jersey.

    1. Purrs and head bonks to you, Flo! I am happy to share stories of my fellow special needs cats and glad that humans like you enjoy the stories. Hopefully, more humans will become like you and my human. I want them to understand that while we need a little extra attention and care, special needs cats, whether they’re diabetic cats like me or formerly paralyzed ones like Linky, have a lot of love to share with their humans!

      1. <3 I have a house full of 10 FELV+ cats; one of the kitties has sight in one eye who can only eat canned food whirled in the blender. They are our family and I love them more than I can express!! Head bonks right back to you.

  2. Seeing Lincoln go from that tiny curled up ball to taking his first steps and now as a fully mobile cat is beautiful. Such a wonderful story

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