A Diabetic Cat Sets His Paw Down

Hello to all my two legged and four legged friends.  My human tells me today is what you humans call Easter.  It’s not fair to a diabetic cat to tease me with all those sugary treats.  I can’t have any of them!

My human went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday, and he looked at some big cats.  Then he asked me if he could bring some of them home.  Well, first, he said, hey, Bagheera, how would you like to have this furiend in our home?A diabetic cat says no to this potential furiend

I told him no.  I warned him that huge cat may look like a friendly creature, but that if he thinks it hurts when I bite him or when I swipe at him, well, this big girl would make it hurt a lot more.

So he gave up on that one, but he is persistent.  He asked me about another cat he saw at the Zoo.  This time, it wasn’t as big, but I think it might still be trouble.  He told me, Bagheera, that cat even walks on a leash!  And serval cats have really cute ears.

This diabetic cat says no once againWell, I had to put my paw down again.  I told my human, yes, it might have really cute ears and it might walk on a leash, but it is still not a cat you can have.  Don’t tell him this, but I think if he gets that cat and has it walking on a leash, he will attempt to do the same to me and Jacey.  And we don’t like that idea.

But my human is so silly.  He saw another big cat, and this time, he told me that it even lets dogs clean its face so that it would be a big cat that Jacey and I could help keep happy.  Nice of him to offer to have us do the work!

And it is a pretty cat, and a very graceful one.  I have to admit that it’s intriguing to me how it bonds with a dog and they take care of each other.  But I told him thaThis diabetic cat had to really set his paw down on this onet he would need a huge litter box, and he’d have to start feeding raw meat to it.  And that if it got raw meat, well, he better give some to me and Jacey!

So I convinced him that all of these beautiful cats belong in zoos where specially trained humans can take care of them.  He loves animals, but he doesn’t have the training and skills needed to help these animals.

That is good advice not just for my human, but all humans who want to bring big cats like these into their home.  Bengal cats like me and Jacey are a handful for you humans, and some humans can’t handle us.  We are all at least four generations removed from the wild.  If that’s too much for many humans to handle, then you humans definitely should not be keeping cats that are closer to the wild in your home.

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