Maggie Can Now Give you Eye Blink Kisses

You humans know by now that while I am a diabetic cat, I like to highlight special needs cats of all kinds.  Sometimes they are diabetic cats.  But since there are so many more special needs cats out there, I like to tell you about them.

Today I want to tell you the story of Maggie.  She’s a kitten who has no eyelids.  Or more accurately, started with no eyelids but then got some because of the work of some very kind humans.

Maggie’s human is named Devan, and Devan has a history of helping furry friends with special needs.  She has helped three dogs who would have probably been put down if she hadn’t stepped in.  The veterinary clinic she works at in Sterling Heights, Michigan, helped find homes for 150 dogs and 90 cats last year.

One day, the fiance of one of the humans who works at the clinic found Maggie.  She was only a few days old, because she had the umbilical cord stump still attached to her.  And some cruel humans had thrown her in a dumpster.

But just like they had done for so many kittens in the past, the kind humans aShe's not a diabetic cat, but she's got special needs, too!t the clinic took care of Maggie.  She was bottle fed, and nursed back to health.  Maggie had a nasty eye infection, and that became clear when she started to open her eyes.  At about four weeks, when the infection cleared up, the humans at the clinic realized that Maggie had no eyelids!

Because Maggie was such a small kitten, she couldn’t get much medication. So the humans at the clinic treated her with love, warm compresses, baths, and more love.  It worked to get her healthy enough so that she could go see an eye specialist at Veterinary Vision in Rochester, Michigan.

At that examination, Devan learned that Maggie was born without eyelids, and has narrow corneas and deformed irises.  This means that Maggie can see, but her vision is limited.  She also can’t really move her eyes from side to side well.  Surgery was recommended in order to create eyelids for Maggie and to correct her problem with moving her eyes.

Maggie has new eyelids!The specialists at Veterinary Vision were able to create eyelids for Maggie and to help her with the issue she had moving her eyes.  And she loved them for it.  When she woke up from surgery, she was purring at all the humans at the clinic!  Devan said that you could really tell the difference with Maggie when she came home.  Maggie could clearly see better, played more, and turned into even more of a cuddler.

Devan decided that Maggie needed a feline friend, so she adopted another special needs cat.  This cat, named Beyonce, was also not a diabetic cat like me, but one with feline herpes.  These two special needs cats have become the best of furiends.

Maggie has one more surgery scheduled, and that is to remove the hairs that are growing on the inside of her specially created eyelids.  Because they were created with normal skin, there are hairs growing, and those hairs will have to be cryogenically frozen so they don’t grow anymore.

Special needs cats like me and Maggie may have different conditions.  I am a diabetic cat, and she was missing eyelids.  But as you can see, with a little care, we can become loving and fun companions for the right human.

Please don’t pass us by without seeing if there is room in your heart for us.

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