A Diabetic Cat is Ready for the Weekend!

It is almost the weekend.  That means my human will be around to spend more time with me and Jacey.  Most of the time, we like this.  But sometimes, he annoys us by wanting to play with us when we want to sleep.  And then, since I am a diabetic cat, he sometimes gives me a lot of ear sticks to check my blood sugar.  I don’t like ear sticks at all, so one is too many.  But when he gives me a whole bunch of them in one day, it’s really bad!

A diabetic cat wishes you a happy weekend!But since it’s almost the weekend, I told my human to give you a recap of some of the fun stories we shared with you.

One fun story was about Dexter the Therapy Cat.  Dexter is a wonderful cat with a great story to share.  Humans do better with four legged friends like me around.  But Dexter takes it to an entirely different level.

I also shared the story about Maggie, who used to have no eyelids.  But thanks to some kind humans, she got surgery and now is able to give you eye blink kisses!

Lincoln the formerly quadraplegic cat is a truly heartwarming story.  Seeing little Linky take those first tiny steps after his human helped give him therapy many times a day was enough to make my human’s eyes tear up.  He denies it, but I know better.

And speaking of my human, he was so silly and wanted to bring some big furiends home with him from the zoo.  Well, this diabetic cat may be willing to tolerate ear sticks and injections of insulin, but there is no way I was going to let him bring a lion, serval cat, or cheetah home!

And there is another human who is so dedicated to helping cats that he and his wife will walk 15 miles to help raise money for them!

I hope you like these stories.  Please share them with other people who you think would find them fun!

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