A Little Fun to Brighten Your Monday

My human tells me that on Mondays, you humans are not very happy.  Jacey and I have mixed feelings about Mondays.  It means our human goes away for several hours and leaves us alone.  We like having him around, but sometimes, he bothers us when we are trying to sleep!  So we are glad that we can sleep, but we miss him.

So I wanted to do something to brighten up your Monday, with a little cat humor and some good news.Cat humor for a Monday

For the cat humor, I hear that you humans are like this on Monday.

Well, my human tells me he wishes he could be like this, but they expect him to do things at that place you humans call work.  I guess we cats do have it good, huh?  We don’t have to work, we can sleep when we want, and you come and take care of us.

Speaking of taking care of us, can you help me raise awareness of feline diabetes?  Diabetic cats like me are kind of unknown.  But if you help me win the Modern Cat cover contest, I can help raise awareness for my fellow diabetic cats.  Please vote for me.  You can vote every twelve hours and from multiple devices.  I’ve got a long way to go to hopefully catch Magoo, but with your help, we can make it happMy fellow bengal cat sharing a little cat humor with the dogen!

I also have good news to share with you about my fellow bengal cat Duke.  His human told mine that he is doing much better.  When poor Duke was rescued by the humans who originally had him, he was missing around a third of his fur!  But because of their care and love, Duke has started to grow fur on his neck.  His front legs are starting to grow fur as well.  But because he is on prednisone, his fur will grow back slowly.  That’s why Duke hasn’t grown fur back where he was shaved.

You can see that Duke is starting to look more and more like the very handsome bengal boy he used to be and soon will be again.

I hope that this makes you feel better on this Monday.  I love to cheer my human up, so hopefully this will do the same for you.

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2 Replies to “A Little Fun to Brighten Your Monday”

  1. Some years ago I had Hercules, a gray siamese cat who developed diabetes when he was 10 years-old. I treated him with homeopathy and diet, and he had an excellent recovery and lived for another 6 years. Today I have another gray siamese, Cassandra, and she too is diabetic. I do not know if it is more prevalent on siamese or gray siamese cats. My vet told me that one symptom is that the back legs grow weak and since Cassandra lost one of her hind legs 5 years ago (she is a rescue) I have to be very carefull. She was diagnosed about 5 months ago and is doing fine.

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