Pretzel will Face Another Challenge

Many of you are aware of the story of special needs cat Pretzel, also known as the Little Kitty that Could.  I face challenges because I am a diabetic cat.  But what I deal with, as much as I hate the ear sticks, is nothing compared to her.

Pretzel was found by the road when sPretzel is not a Diabetic Cat but She's a Special Needs Onehe was a tiny little kitten.  The person who found her thought she was hit by a car, because her legs were deformed.  This kind human took Pretzel to the veterinarian the next day, and was surprised to learn that Pretzel was not hit by a car but was just born that way.  As if these challenges weren’t enough, Pretzel is also blind.

The veterinarian thinks that Pretzel was born to a feral cat who had distemper or some other disease.  That is what caused her medical problems.

Pretzel was also not in the mood to deal with humans.  The defenseless little kitten would hiss, spit, and swat at anything that came near her.  With no way to protect herself, and no way to see potential threats, she was afraid.  It took a long time for her to come around.

Pretzel was taken in by a human who couldn’t let her die without giving her a chance.  In order to help fix the twisted legs which gave her the name Pretzel, she will have to undergo three surgeries.  There is nothing the veterinarians can do about her blindness, because her optic nerve isn’t connected to her retina.

The first surgery was a success, but then Pretzel got sick.  Her human took her to the veterinarian, and she had to be put in a hyperbaric chamber.  Unfortunately, Pretzel is going to lose the leg she had the first surgery performed on.A diabetic cat sends healing wishes to Pretzel

So Pretzel will face another challenge, adapting to life without one of her legs.  Hopefully she will be like Anakin and Mika, who have learned how to get around without all of their legs.  Their challenges make those a diabetic cat like me faces look easy.

But she could sure use some well wishes and her human could use them too.  Can you go to her Facebook page and write nice things on her wall to make both Pretzel and her human feel better?

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