A Diabetic Cat Helps His Human

So my human was reading an article from Catster.  It was about how the writer couldn’t do anything without her cats helping.  She started thinking about this when her friend told her that her cat helped when it was time to paint the house.  Apparently, when the walls were done, there were paw prints on the floor as well.  Well, you humans may not like it, but we felines think that since we are on the floor more often than the wall, it needs painting too!

Then she listed other things that her cats help her with.  There is a very long list of things that we do.  Did you know that we felines are helpers when you humans:

  • Assemble furniture
  • Make the bed
  • Choose clothes for donation
  • Put away groceries
  • Drink water
  • Do the laundry
  • Type on the computer
  • Vacuum the house

See how we help vacuum?

That got me thinking about how this diabetic cat helps his human.  For example, I helped my human do his taxes.  I sat on the papers and receipts he put together and helpfully put my paw on things that he needed to know.  Yes, the rest of my body was on his papers, but that’s okay.  He didn’t need the numbers that I covered up. And a diabetic cat knows all about numbers.A diabetic cat helps with taxes

My human cooks a lot, and when he does I want to make sure his food tastes good.  So I will go and nibble on his food to make sure it’s okay, and then if it is, I let him know. If it tastes good to a diabetic cat, it must be good.

When my human goes to the human doctor, they do tests.  I help him test his senses between visits to the human doctor.  For example, I make sure his sense of smell is working by doing my business in the middle of the night.  I make sure his nose works okay and wakes him up.

And then in the morning, when he is in the shower, I make sure he can hear correctly, too.  I’ll sit by the bathroom door and meow loudly, and then when he opens the door to check on me, I know that his hearing is okay so I walk away.

How do your cats help you with things?

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