A Very Special Cat Needs Help

Hello to my furiends.  I send you happy wishes for the day, because I have a story that started horribly but which could have a happy ending if you help.  You know I am a diabetic cat, but I have a human who takes care of me and protects me.  Unfortunately for one cat, he didn’t.

This diabetic cat wants you to help LuckyMeet Lucky.  You won’t think his name fits after you read about what happened, but in some ways, he is.

Lucky was turned in to an animal shelter and taken to a veterinary clinic, where one of the vet techs shared the story of Lucky.  Originally, the story was that Lucky had been hit by a car.  A cat who survived that truly deserves the name Lucky.  Well, the truth was far worse.

Some sick human decided that it would be fun to dump acid on Lucky, and he suffered second degree burns as a result.  His shoulders, neck, and back of his head were covered with blisters.  Some of the acid had even crept into the corner of one of his eyelids.  You can see the damage inflicted by clicking here, but be warned that the image is very disturbing.

Put an animal, or even a human, in this much pain and you are likely to receive a aggressive response when you try to help them.  Pain and suffering causes animals of all sorts to react aggressively.  That’s nature’s defense mechanism.Just a peek at Lucky's injuries. They make this diabetic cat sad

Not Lucky.  Even though he was in a lot of pain, not only did he hold back, but he was purring and making biscuits the whole time his injuries were being treated.

A rescue society called the Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) has stepped in to help Lucky recover.  But they need some help.  Lucky’s veterinary bills will likely be very high, because of the damage done by the evil human who doused him with acid.  The bills for a diabetic cat are high enough.  They’ll be nothing compared to what Lucky’s are.

Can you help HART give Lucky the treatment he needs and deserves so he can recover?  If you can’t donate, please share this with everyone you can.

You have all rallied around this diabetic cat.  Now it’s time to rally around Lucky.

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29 Replies to “A Very Special Cat Needs Help”

  1. That’s absolutely horrific. Makes me ashamed to be human, I really hope Lucky recovers and has a happy life. I’ve made a donation toward the treatment.

  2. Hello, Jason. Humans like you way outnumber the evil humans who do things like torturing poor Lucky.

    And Lucky is a sweet boy who will find a good home.

    I will be very happy when I can share the story of Lucky finding a loving home where he never has to think of being abused.

  3. I donated, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I can’t believe how awful some people are, but I am glad there are those ready and willing to help out an animal in need. Will you update us on how Lucky is doing if you find out more?

    1. Hello, Yvonne. Purrs and happy meows to you for donating. It was very disturbing to learn that there are humans who are so cruel. But it is wonderful to learn that there are so many humans like you who will help Lucky out.

      I will definitely keep everyone up to date on how my furiend is doing.

  4. What happened to Lucky sickens me. I’m so thankful HART was there to step in and help him. I can’t give as much as I’d like to help with his treatment, but I’m glad I’m in a position that I can give something to help HART. God bless you all for what you do.

  5. Poor baby. I wish I was in a better situation so I could donate money but I have shared it on my page in hopes that someone will help him out. I wish I could snuggle this sweetheart. I’ll never understand how anyone could harm a living creature like that.

  6. Donated.. it wasn’t a lot, me being a college student, but I hope it helps!! Please update us if you find out more about this sweet boy ♥

    1. ANY donation helps!! It all adds up. I’ll never understand how some people can be so cruel, but Lucky is lucky he survived, and has people who care enough to donate, and he will find a loving home. I donated too. Best wishes to a speed recovery Lucky, you poor baby.

  7. It’s horrible to do that to a cat! And poor purring being groomed. I noticed that the animals who suffer and are treated are rarely aggressive. And unfortunately, I can tell you that there are men who throw acid on a woman because she does not want them or just to snatch her ​​purse. It happened in Belgium. As long as man does not treat his neighbor better, it does not treat animals better.
    Luck, I hope you find YOUR family will love you and make you happy! google translation.

  8. I donated to this sweet baby.I don’t understand how ANYONE can hurt any animal. This breaks my heart. Ginger cats have wonderful, sweet and loving personalities. Lucky is adorable. Thank you for helping him get the medical attention he desperately needed to survive. God Bless Lucky and all who are helping him. <3

  9. That poor baby. I would take him after he heals. Where do I donate for his bills. This just hurts my heart to see this baby in so much pain and treated so horribly. I just want to hug him.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! It was my friend, the vet tech, who first alerted me to Lucky’s plight. Just wanted to provide a quick update. He had surgery to be neutered and to release some of the poorly healed tissue near his eye on 4/19. He came thru like the champ he is, and woke up from anesthesia purring!! He will continue to receive treatment for another couple of days at which time, he will go to his foster home. He is not put of the woods yet and will continue to require treatment as his burns heal, but he shows everyday just how grateful he is for your support. Thank you for sending good wishes, prayers and donations his way!!

  11. Paw taps, happy meows, head bonks and sandpaper kisses to all of you. I am so happy that I was able to help in some small way.

    You are all wonderful humans. It doesn’t matter how much you could give, or even if you couldn’t give anything at all and shared Lucky’s story. You helped.

    Lucky saw the worst in humans when he was tortured. You kind humans are showing him the best.

  12. As long as we as a society don’t recognize that violence against animals is a crime, we should not call ourselves enlightened. I hope this little fur baby will be alright and will from now on experience only loving human touch. I donated what I could and know that every little bit will help. Sending love, prayers and healing vibes <3

  13. dear lucky,

    i want you to know that i shared your story on facebook. you are still a beautiful cat. those evil people are mean and karma will get them for hurting you. i have three cats of my own and another one that is in cat heaven because he had bladder problems that was making him very sick so we had to put him to sleep…but i loved him to pieces..his name was snuggles…my other three are named starbucks, skittles, and snapple…but i do love all animals…i am more of a animal person myself because animals do not hurt people. But i do hope you get better and want to send my love…good luck and have a speedy recovery and remember there are cat people out there that will love you for you and will never hurt you

  14. This make me so mad that I wanna choke slam this person to the wall and throw him into a puddle of moderately strong acid, to let him feel the pain of this cute cat.

  15. I was having a bad night until I saw this poor little guy. I donated as much as I could and my love goes out to him. Ill also be sharing this so people know to donate. I hope hes doing well and will recover soon. Please follow up soon!

  16. Disgusting that someone thought that was a fun thing to do. I’d be devastated if someone did that to one of my fur babies. Hoping poor Lucky makes a full recovery and finds a loving forever home. Donation made to speed his recovery. Wet nose kisses and head bonks from me, Chesney and Tink. xxx

  17. I Just Have to say as a Human It Makes Me SICK the things Others do to these poor babys !!! I Have 8 Furbabys Living with me and i relish every day we spend together . My Stepdaughter had to let One cross the rainbow bridge just months ago(due to congestive heart Failure at 5 yrs old) I spent his last minutes on this earth with him . And It Kills Me to see the suffering yet such sweetness and forgiveness. Wish we could ALL LEARN from them !!!!!!

  18. My heart goes out to this beautiful and innocent orange boy! No animal or human of any kind deserves to be treated in such a horrible and painful way, especially when it was done on purpose. I hope they find who did this. I made a small donation, but hope every little bit helps. I passed on the information to lots of my relatives and friends. God bless sweet “Lucky”.

  19. Lost our “Lucky” girl Dec 2011 to cancer she got from a routine shot. Had some money and donated Tuesday to help this little “Lucky.” Tonight we won a little at the casino so decided to share some more with Lucky. Will be praying for his fast and full recovery.

  20. This is beyond horrible. I wish animal abusers could have the same things done to them that they do to the innocents. Hopefully, the cretin who did this will suffer greatly for his actions, if not in this life, then in the next. God doesn’t like people who hurt is creations!! Rot in hell you monster.

    1. Purrs and headbonks to you, John, for wondering about Lucky. He does not have a furever home yet, but I will make sure I keep everyone posted on what’s happening with him.

        1. John, you are a very kind human to offer to take in Lucky. He isn’t ready for a furever home yet. He still needs to heal.

          Once he is healed, I will let everyone know. I am sure HART will be flooded with people who want to make sure Lucky will be protected for the rest of his very happy and loving life.

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