Lucky Is Recovering Nicely

About a week ago, I shared the story of Lucky, who was tortured but who was rescued.  The Homeless Animal Rescue Team decided to call his Facebook page Lucky – A Survivor Kitty.  And that’s because he is a survivor.  Being a diabetic cat presents challenges for me and my human, but nothing compared to what Lucky has endured.

Despite being tortured and maimed, Lucky was very kind to the humans who helped him.  Most animals — including humans — who were in as much pain as Lucky surely was would have lashed out.  I lash out and hiss and growl and spit when I go to the veterinarian, and that’s when I’m not in any pain.

Lucky, on the other hand, purred when he was being treated.  And you can see him making biscuits and purring here.

Bagheera The Diabetic Cat's Furiend LuckNow this is a very sweet cat.  He just wants to show his love to the humans who are taking care of him.  Lucky could be forgiven if he didn’t trust any humans any more, but he has a lot of love to give!

The wonderful humans at HART say that Lucky is a lover and a fighter.  That is for sure.  Lucky’s wounds are healing very quickly.  He is facing challenges, because the wounds healed in a way that caused the skin around them to contract and distort his face and neck.

So Lucky is staying at what the humans at HART have called the spa and will have surgery in a few days to move a flap of skin over the most severely damaged areas of his body.  But he is feeling much better.  Even though his wounds still look like this (be warned, the image is graphic), Lucky wants to flip on his back for tummy rubs.  Obviously, in his condition, this is not good.  But he’s a lover and he wants to show his love to humans who care about him.

Lucky is just another example of how loving special needs cats, whether they are diabetic cats like me or ones recovering from horrible abuse, can be.

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4 Replies to “Lucky Is Recovering Nicely”

    1. If Lucky could say hello to you in person, he would tell you he loves you back. Did you see the video of him making biscuits and purring like crazy? I am glad to call Lucky my furiend

    1. I have never met Lucky, but I am sure he appreciates your kind thoughts. He said he wishes he could purr loud enough for all humans who care about him to hear.

      Thank you for being such a kind human.

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