Update on Duke the Bengal Cat

Remember how I told you about my fellow bengal cat Duke?  He was abandoned, and was living on the streets for three years.  He was rescued by the human who first fostered him, and he was recovering when I last updated you.  And believe me, even though I am a diabetic cat, the challenges I face were nothing compared to what poor Duke had to deal with.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Duke Has RecoveredHere is what Duke looked like when he first was rescued.  It is a good thing that Duke had a microchip, or he would likely have been put down.  And you couldn’t blame the shelter for doing it.  He had open and infected wounds, was infested with mites, had diarrhea, was malnourished, and had pancreatitis.

Thanks to the care of the human who the shelter called, Duke is doing much better these days.  He was so malnourished that he only weighed 7.6 pounds, and he should have weighed around 12 pounds.  Well, he now weighs 9.7 pounds, so there’s still room for him to grow, but he’s doing much better.

One of the medications Duke was taking in order to help him recover Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Duke Has Recoveredwas prednisolone.  Because he’s doing better, he takes less of it.  And that’s allowed his fur to grow back in.  His human says that Duke’s legs have mohawks.  His stomach was shaved for an ultrasound, and the fur has started to grow in.

One way you know that Duke is recovering is that his fur is super soft.  We bengal cats are known for our soft fur.  In fact, many people call our fur a pelt because it is so soft.

That picture sure looks better, doesn’t it?  I’m sure that you want to reach through the computer and pet him.

I will make sure you are updated on Duke’s progress.  This diabetic cat is very happy to see his fellow bengal cat doing so well.  A lot of you kind humans helped, and you can still do so if you want to help Duke do even better.

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