A Happy Caturday From Jacey

Hello, everypawdy.  Jacey told me she wanted to talk to all of you, so for once, this diabetic cat will be quiet and let her talk.  Actually, she does a lot of talking.  She does enough talking for both of us.  Our human even called her a chatterbox.  So we figured that letting her talk to you would be good.

It’s about time Bagheera and our human let me talk to you again.  I had so much fun guest blogging and I am glad that I get to speak with you again.  Today has been a fun day.  I have terrified and amazed our human today.

Our human was starting to take for granted that I’d stay on the ground when I went to the balcony, so I decided to show him, you know, sometimes I can be a mischievous cat.  I decided to hop on the balcony rail.  I just perched there like a bird would.  But it was enough to get Bagheera and our human worried, so our human took me down.

He mentioned something about high rise syndrome.  You humans sometimes have us cats in very high places, and then when we get startled or decide to chase a bird, we fall and we end up hurting ourselves.  I keep telling my human I am fine, but he worries anyway.  Sigh.  It’s like having a big mother cat on two legs around.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Gymnast Furiend JaceySo I decided that I would show him how nimble and graceful I am.  Bagheera is much more graceful than our human, but even he cannot do the things that I can.  I am smaller and weigh less, so I can do things  he can’t.  Our human says I am like a ballerina or gymnast.

He is trying to compliment me, but I think he is selling me short.  You humans have a thing called the balance beam.  And I hear that only very talented humans can get on there and perform tricks.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Gymnast Furiend

This was my balance beam.  The human one is 3.9 inches, or 10 centimeters, wide.  The one I used is less than half as wide, at 1.9 inches, or 4.8 centimeters, wide.  And look at how graceful I am on it.  Here I am preparing for my dismount.  And yes, I stuck the landing.

I hope you liked my story and tomorrow my boyfriend Bagheera the Diabetic Cat will be back with more.

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