Say Hello to Lucky’s Fellow Rescue

Good morning, everyone.  I’ve shared the story about Lucky – A Survivor Kitty.  He is a brave cat who makes the challenges I face as a diabetic cat look like nothing.  In case you haven’t seen what I’ve written about Lucky, he was tortured by an evil human who dumped acid on his neck, rescued by the Homeless Animal Rescue Team, and now is recovering nicely.

Lucky is still at what they call the spa, and his wounds are heBagheera the Diabetic Cat sends healing thoughts to Luckyaling.  There is no word on when he will be released, but he is where he needs to be in order to heal and he is being well taken care of.

But the people at HART didn’t stop with Lucky.  When they went to the shelter to get Lucky, they noticed that there was another poor cat with a neck injury.  The injury to this cat, who they called Fortune, was nowhere near as bad as Lucky’s.  But poor Fortune had to endure being in the shelter for ten full days.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Introduces you to FortuneFortune has a tipped ear.  The shelter interpreted this as meaning she had an owner, and thus, state law required her to be kept in the shelter for ten days.  That’s a long time for a any animal, especially a scared cat, to be in pain.

When the kind humans at HART went to get Lucky, they knew they couldn’t allow this poor girl to suffer there.  So they took Fortune with them as well.  Fortune is a very sweet and loving cat, but she gets overstimulated from all the love and affection her foster human gives her.  As you can imagine, she is very happy that she survived whatever gave her that wound and that she is with an organization that will make sure she finds a good furever home.

Fortune doesn’t know whether her future will include being with Lucky.  But there’s one thing for sure.  Because of the Lucky’s influence, she managed to get out of the shelter.  And so every one of you kind humans who helped with Lucky, whether it was by donating to HART, sharing his story, or just sending healing thoughts, didn’t just save Lucky.

You helped save Fortune.

She sends you purrs and head bonks and this diabetic cat sends you the same for allowing him to be part of it.

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