Tenth Life Cats Helped Checkers Find a Home

Hello, everyone!  You’ll remember that I wrote about Tenth Life Cats and how they have established a physical presence for their operations.  And of course, my good furiend Lincoln, who is a Tenth Life alumni, was there with his bow ties to check out the facilities.  He gave it his paw of approval.

Tenth Life takes in cats who face difficulties far more than what a diabetic cat must deal with.  So it’s always a challenge for these cats to find a furever home, but Tenth Life doesn’t quit trying.

Today, Tenth Life has a great story to tell of a special needs cat named Checkers.  Checkers was taken from a shelter, and when Tenth Life took her in, she was in bad shape.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy Checkers has a home!Some cruel human decided that they would tape Checkers to a board and abandon her in the woods.  Naturally, Checkers was shy around humans, because she was worried that she would be abused again.  And if that wasn’t enough, the poor girl had some health and skin issues as well.

But during her foster care, Checkers warmed up to humans and thrived.  When you meet Checkers today, you’d never believe that she was once wary of humans and had been mistreated.

Well, today, this sweet girl found her furever home.  Her new human says that Checkers is very happy, and running all over the house to explore things.  And she loves belly rubs and is hopping up on her human’s lap and chest. That’s a long way away from a cat who didn’t want to trust humans!Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy Checkers has a home!

Checkers does have food allergies, and she does require gluten free, all natural products.  But when she eats that food, she is fine.

As a diabetic cat, I always love it when I get to share the story of a special needs cat like me finding humans who want to take them in.  We may require additional care and attention, but we will reward you with lots of love!

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