Three Happy Stories to Start off Your Week

I hope you had a great weekend.  Today is Monday, so that means that this diabetic cat will be abandoned for a while when my human goes to that place called work.  I don’t like how this work thing has a leash on my human.  Why can’t he refuse to have that leash put on him like I do?

I don’t want him to leave because I want to celebrate three happy stories.  First is what’s going on with my furiend Lucky‘s recovery.  In case you don’t remember, Lucky was tortured by an evil human who doused him with acid, but he was rescued by the Homeless Animal Rescue Team in Fairfax and is recovering.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is So Happy Lucky is Healing!Lucky had a visit from two humans on Friday.  One was shorter, and kept talking to him.  The other one had a camera and kept on taking Lucky’s picture.  One of the pictures shows how well he is healing.

You can see from the picture that Lucky’s wounds are a lot less raw and red than they were.  In fact, Lucky is healing so well that they are going to close some of the wounds that were left intentionally open.

Bindy, who was beaten because she got pregnant and saved by Michigan Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Bindy is EatingCat Rescue, is also doing better.  Remember that the big concern about Bindy was that she was not eating on her own.  She was being fed with a syringe.  But this weekend, Bindy started to eat on her own!  Bindy likes to have her foster human right there when she is eating.  And while she is still on medication and weak, the fact that Bindy is eating is a huge step forward.

Finally, Tenth Life had a wonderful story to share.  On Easter Sunday, some cruel human threw a cat out of a car and then kept on driving.  A kind human was walking by, saw this happen, and picked up the sweet girl, who Tenth Life named Easter Lily.  Not surprisingly, after being tossed from the car, Easter Lily was bleeding from the mouth, and had shredded nails.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Easter Lily is HomeShe was sent to a foster home, and was recovering, but then just when you thought her story couldn’t get sadder, it did.  Easter Lily escaped.  Many kind humans volunteered to help Tenth Life find Easter Lily, and they went out in the cold rain to do it.  And it paid off, because Easter Lily was found!

Now do you see why this diabetic cat wanted his human to be around today?  Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate this with him?  Unfortunately, as a diabetic cat, I cannot have cake.  But maybe I would watch my human eat it.

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