Little Bear Needs Your Healing Thoughts

When my human first told me I should blog to raise awareness of diabetic cats, I thought that was all I would do.  But then I saw that there were so many special needs cats who needed attention.  I can’t help them all.  But I want to help as many of my fellow special needs felines as I can.

One of my favorite special needs cats is Little Bear.  You may know his story from the Amaze Cats contest, as he was the winner of the contest.  He beat many of my furiends, including Lincoln the formerly quadriplegic cat; Anakin the two legged cat; and Pretzel.

In case you don’t know Little Bear’s story, he was born with severely deformed legs.  As a diabetic cat, I have to deal with ear sticks and insulin shots to treat my condition.  That is nothing compared to what LittleMeet Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Little Bear Bear has had to endure.

Little Bear’s hind legs are backwards.  It’s like you took his right foot and put it where his left leg ends, and did the same with his left foot.  But while this presented a challenge, it’s nothing compared to what happened to his front legs.

His front legs were bent in the shape of an L.  It’s like if you humans had arms that were fused in that shape and you were born without an elbow joint.  In order to correct this condition, Little Bear had to endure two surgeries from the veterinarians at Tufts.  In March, Little Bear had the first surgery, and it went well.  He obviously wasn’t very happy, and he Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Send Healing Thoughts to Little Bearhad to learn to use the straightened leg, but he recovered and went back for the second surgery.

After the second surgery, things did not go as well.  A few days after returning home, Little Bear stopped eating, and was running a fever of 103.  He went back to Tufts to get an IV, and to be monitored closely.

Little Bear seems to be doing a lot better, and his human is hopeful that he can return home either today or tomorrow.  If you look at this picture of him and his human, you can tell they have a very special bond.

Please send healing thoughts to Little Bear.  He is a tough cat who is dealing with challenges that make the ear sticks and insulin shots a diabetic cat has to endure look like nothing.  He needs your thoughts so he can recover more quickly.

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4 Replies to “Little Bear Needs Your Healing Thoughts”

  1. Hey bagheera

    Lb is a tough little cat and hes in the best place at tufts so im sure he will be all good in no time.

    Theres a lot of people in the world who care a lot about him and its great to see the support he and allie get.

    Hope the blood sugar is behaving itself


  2. Hi, Jason. Thank you for asking.

    My blood sugar is much better. We had a strange spike a few days ago, but I think it is because my human didn’t do his job and didn’t get the insulin into me. Instead, it went on my fur.

    But that was the one bad reading. All of the others have been decent.

    I hope you are doing well and that you are getting lots of people helping you raise money for Cats Protection.

    Purrs and paw taps for coming by!

  3. Good, really pleased to hear that you have it under control, although you will have to give your human a little nip for messing up!

    Fund raising for the walk is going pretty well thank you. It’s this Sunday and we’re really hoping for some good weather. Its been cold and wet here for the last few weeks. Fingers crossed it will brighten up.

    The blogs great, especially the goo news stories – i try and visit daily.

    Have a good day – I bet your just relaxing and sleeping whilst your human is working hard to keep you supplied in treats – just like my cat is now.


    1. Oh, I keep him in line. I always love to play bite him, which he doesn’t mind. But sometimes, when I am really annoyed with him, I bite harder and then he knows that he needs to back off.

      I may be a sugar cat and have a sweet personality but there is only so much I am willing to deal with. >^.^<

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