Lucky and Bindy Are Doing Much Better

I hope everyone is having a good day.  If you are not, I want to share with you some news that will make you feel a lot better.  The stories are so sweet that they may be harmful to a diabetic cat’s blood sugar, but I’ll share them anyway.

On Monday, I updated you on how Lucky and Bindy were doing.  These two cats were abused by evil humans, but they clearly have learned the lesson that Martin Luther King tried to teach all humans.  They know that it takes real strength to meet hate with love.

And that is what they have done.  Instead of justifiably lashing out at a species which abused and hurt them, they show the humans taking care of them lots of love.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants You to Help BindyBindy is doing much better.  She is under the care of her foster human, and she is still suffering from an upper respiratory infection.  But her foster human took her to the vet, and Bindy was prescribed new medicine.  Bindy still is congested because the medication needs time to work.  However, she continues to eat on her own, which is great news.  And once the congestion clears up, she will be taken to an eye specialist.

And Lucky continues to amaze all the humans who interact with him with both his recovery and his wonderful attitude.  He was operated on yesterday to close up more of his wound.  None of the veterinarians at the Parkway Veterinary Clinic thought Lucky would come this far this fast! Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants You to Help Lucky

Lucky has at least one more surgery to endure before he can be released from the spa, but he is in much better shape than when he was first rescued.  And everyone has fallen in love with Lucky and his amazing spirit.  Here’s one of the reasons why.  This sweet ginger boy loves to make biscuits even though he’s still recovering!

You can help the organizations that rescued Bindy and Lucky by donating to Michigan Cat Rescue or the Homeless Animals Rescue Team.

This diabetic cat thanks you for caring so much about his fellow felines.

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