Meet Diabetic Cat Penelope

Happy Furiday, everyone.  Today I want to introduce you to a diabetic cat like me who is so sweet that a veterinarian couldn’t put her down.

Her name is Penelope.  She’s a stray cat, and she was taken to a veterinarian in Vandalia, Ohio to be euthanized.  But because of her wonderful purrsonality, the veterinarian couldn’t bring himself to put her down.  Instead, he had the person who brought her in surrender her to his care.

Meet Penelope, A Diabetic Cat who Needs a HomeWhen Penelope was brought in, her teeth were in very bad shape and she had to have many of them removed.  She’s estimated to be 10-12 years old, so she is a senior kitty.  Due to her time as a stray, she has an inner ear infection which is clearing up but it affects her balance when she jumps or shakes her head.

Clearly, Penelope was abandoned, because she is declawed in the front.  She needs to be an indoor only cat because of this and her balance problems.  This calico girl eats wet food but will nibble at dry food.  And her diabetes is under good control.  She receives four units of insulin twice a day, and her last blood sugar reading came in at 112.

Not surprisingly, given that her purrsonality was such that a veterinarian couldn’t put her down, Penelope is a cat who showers her human with love.  She is very laid back, unlike bengals like me and Jacey who can drive humans nuts.  If you brush or pet Penelope, she will reward you with purrs and head bonks.  And unlike me, she doesn’t mind the ear sticks that are associated with blood sugar testing.

Penelope is not in any danger of being put down, because the kind veterinarian who refused to euthanize her is keeping her in a spare bedroom.  He can’t let her out of the spare room because his dogs will chase her, and he has a cat who does not tolerate other cats in his territory. Meet Penelope, A Diabetic Cat who Needs a Home

Penelope’s human thinks that she deserves better than being confined to a spare bedroom.  So even though he loves her, he is willing to give her to someone who will take good care of this sweet girl.

Could that be you?  If it is, please get in touch with Jenn at Diabetic Cats in Need.  And if it’s not you, please share this so that someone can help Penelope.

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