Maggie’s Eyelids Are Healing Nicely

Do you remember my furiend Maggie, who was born with no eyelids?  You’ll remember that she was rescued by kind humans after being tossed in a dumpster, and she had surgery to fix her eyelids.  Every time I think it’s tough being a diabetic cat, I remember that there are many other felines out there with far more difficult challenges.

Maggie had to go back in to get some follow up surgery.  It wasn’t as long or challenging as the surgery she had before to give her eyelids.  It was just a touch up, so that her eyelids wouldn’t irritate her eyes and scratching her cornea.

You see, when Maggie got her eyelids constructed, there were some very small hairs on the skin that was used to create the eyelids.  Now, for most parts of the body, those tiny hairs wouldn’t mean a thing.  It wouldn’t matter for a human, and it certainly would mean nothing for a cat who has fur.

But because they were in heBagheera the Diabeitc Cat is so Happy Maggie is Recoveringr eyes, it was like having tiny little pieces of sand constantly rubbing against her eyes and scratching her corneas.

So on Thursday, Maggie had to go in to get those hairs removed through a technique called cryosurgery.  The hairs were frozen so they would fall out and not grow back, and Maggie’s eyelids would stop irritating her.  This surgery had the potential to make Maggie’s eyelids look puffy and swollen, but she wouldn’t be in any pain and she would have those annoying little hairs removed.

I am happy to tell you that Maggie’s surgery went very well.  She was a little groggy due to the anesthesia when she went back to her humans.  But she recovered well and she was hopping between the laps of her humans even when she was wearing the cone of shame.

She is now happy at home and spunky enough to want to compete with me in the Modern Cat cover contest.  Well, I am fine with her competing against me.  Whether it’s a diabetic cat like me or a cat with far greater challenges than a diabetic cat faces, having a special needs cat win is big.

It will show many humans that there is nothing wrong with a special needs cat’s heart

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