Justin Brings Out Best in Humans

Being a diabetic cat is not easy, but I know I have a human who loves me and will care for and protect me.  Unfortunately, not all of my feline friends have the same.  Poor Justin, a four week old kitten who only weighed one pound at the time, did not have this.  And an evil human took advantage of this to torture the poor kitten.

Justin was found burning in the middle of an intersection in Philadelphia.  Right after the evil, cruel deed, though, the good deeds from humans started.

A kind human put a coat on Justin to smother the flames, saving the poor kitten’s life.  He was taken to Crown Veterinary Specialists, where he was treated for his injuries.  And they were horrible.  He suffered second and third degree burns on his back and head.  These burns forced the veterinarians to remove most of his ears.  His back has bald splotches, and he bears the scars of his torture.

Justin’s story spread very far and wide.  Humans from everywhere wanted to help this poor kitten.  Justin’s medical expenses were paid for by donations that totaled $20,000, coming as far away as the other side of the planet in New Zealand.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Meet JustinJust my furiend Lucky, Justin will have no problem finding a human to give him a furever home with lots of love.  More than 100 applications to adopt Justin have flooded Animal Alliance, which is the organization that took in Justin and got him the attention he needed.

This adorable kitten has doubled his weight since the attack, and he is recovering from the last of his surgeries.  He had the last part of his burnt ears removed.  Wounds on his back were closed, and the scarring tissue from the burns on his back was treated for the last time.

The human who runs Animal Alliance said it best.  The evil done to Justin is very sad, but then when you see the heartwarming response to the torture, it restores your faith in humanity.

This diabetic cat is honored to share a species name with a tough little kitten like Justin.

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4 Replies to “Justin Brings Out Best in Humans”

  1. The vet in that video talks a lot of sense. The person or persons that did this needs help as well as punishment and that there are a lot more animals out there that need homes.

    As soon as we’re able we’ll be adopting another cat and it will be the one that needs to be helped the most

  2. Really well thanks. It was a little muddy in places due to heavy rain the week before and we managed to get sunburn because the sun finally decided to show its face halfway through but it was fun and good to see lots of other people raising money for good causes. There were about 60 charities being represented in total.

    Thanks for your support


    1. That is wonderful to hear, Jason, except for the sunburn. I heard that it helps you humans lower your blood pressure so I guess that is good? Jacey and I love to work on our fur tans but we do not burn fortunately!

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