A Sweet Kitten Rescue Story

I really have to be careful when I share these very sweet stories with you.  As a diabetic cat, I cannot have too much sugar.  So let’s hope that the sweetness of this story doesn’t cause my blood sugar to spike.

In Spartanburg, South Carolina a woman was feeding feral cats and strays, and one of them had kittens recently.  She heard soft meows coming from a small hole in the ground for a few days and realized that one of the kittens was trapped inside that hole.  Not wanting to hurt the kitten, they called Spartanburg Animal Services to ask for help.

They learned that the hole was used by the kitten’s feral mother to go looking for food.  It was easy enough for an adult cat to get in and out of the hole, but the tiny kitten couldn’t.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Congratulates Officer LancasterOfficer Jessica Lancaster was dispatched to the house, and she spent more than an hour digging the cat out of the hole.  You can see this picture of Officer Lancaster with her head buried in the muddy hole, trying to find the kitten.

After working very hard to rescue the trapped kitten, Officer Lancaster was rewarded.  She pulled a tiny little grey and white kitten out of the hole.  They named him Jo-Jo

Jo-Jo was muddy and dirty and obviously very hungry after being stuck in that hole for days.  But he was no worse for wear, and you can see him enjoying a little food after getting out of the hole. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is Happy to See Jo-Jo Rescued!

Jo-Jo’s rescue also helped the feral cat colony in the area.  Spartanburg Animal Services is now implementing a trap, neuter, and return program in the area thanks to funding from a grant.  They are also using the publicity generated by a very dedicated Officer Lancaster and a very grateful grey and white kitten to help raise awareness of the program so that other cats can be helped.

I hope that you have enjoyed this story as much as I did.  Like I said, it is something that diabetic cats like me have to be careful with, because it’s so sweet.

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