Burned Kitten Justin In Foster Home

Yesterday, I told you about Lucky and Fortune, and how they are recovering.  You will remember that I also shared the story of Lucky’s kindred spirit Justin.  Justin is a kitten who was set on fire by a cruel human.  He was rescued, treated, and recovering.  These wonderful felines make what I deal with as a diabetic cat look like nothing.

The reward for information leading to the evil human who set a one pound kitten on fire has been increased to $6,000.  Video from a store that Justin staggered in front of was obtained through a court order.  Investigators were hoping that it would provide clues but unfortunately, all it shows is Justin staggering past the store.

While the search for the cruel human who tortured Justin continues, he is doing better.  Justin was released from Crown Veterinary Specialists recently and placed with foster humans.  These foster humans were chosen by the Animal Alliance of New Jersey because they have experience with burn victims so Justin is in good hands.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy Justin is RecoveringJustin had his stitches removed today, and no longer has to wear the cone of shame.  And while he will have virtually no ears due to his injuries, it’s likely that he’ll be able to live a healthy and happy life.  His foster human raves about Justin.  “He does better every day – he’s recovering every single day, ” she said.  “He’s the perfect little patient.”

Amazingly, despite the cruelty inflicted on Justin by a human, his foster human says that he is not afraid of humans.  Justin “definitely loves people.  He loves to snuggle up on a lap.”

Wasn’t that last part, where Justin is purring, beautiful?

And here’s more great news.  Because of Justin, the organization that helped him recover received $20,000 in donations.  More than 100 people have offered to adopt Justin.  Now, only one of you humans can get him.

But if you can’t get Justin, remember that there are many other special needs cats — including diabetic cats like me — who need humans who want to love them and take care of them.

The best ending would be if a special needs cat, including a diabetic one, got adopted because of humans who heard Justin’s story.

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2 Replies to “Burned Kitten Justin In Foster Home”

  1. That just breaks my heart..poor guy! People can be so evil, vile and vicious. I hope the idiot who did that to him gets caught and has the same thing done to him/her! Terrible! But thank God Justin can see and still play! Get well soon, little pooh bear!!!! <3

    1. Justin is getting his revenge on the evil human who tortured hm by surviving and thriving. That cruel human thought that he could snuff out Justin’s spirit and kill him.

      He was wrong. Such a tough little guy!

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