Jacey Wishes you a Happy Furiday!

Hello, everypawdy.  It’s Jacey here today.  I decided to give my furiend Bagheera the Diabetic Cat the day off.

He’s been a busy cat, writing nice stories for you and sharing them with you.  So I decided to give him a break.

First, I have some good news to share with you.  Do you remember how Bagheera told you about how he was going to try to help Simba the 75 percent African jungle cat get an enclosure?  He told you that we were going to make our human give money based on how many of you donated, shared Simba‘s story, or liked the story. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Human Will Donate for Simba's Enclosure

Well, 28 of you liked the story.  Another two of you shared it.  And four of you kind humans went above and beyond and donated money for Simba’s enclosure.

That means my human will donate $54 for Simba’s enclosure.  When he does things like this, Bagheera and I think he is worth keeping around, even though he tells me not to hop on the balcony rail and to stop opening drawers and cabinets.

Bagheera, our human, and I all agree that a gorgeous creature like Simba deserves to have that enclosure built and we will do what we can to make that happen.

Jacey's Blogging for Bagheera the Diabetic CatWe’ve had some heart warming stories to share with you this week, and I hope you enjoyed them.  We have been able to show you stories of human kindness towards felines like us.  Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that most of you humans are kind and caring creatures.

And it is likely that we will have more news on our good furiends Lucky and Bindy soon.  We really enjoy sharing stories like that with you because it makes our little feline hearts beat quicker.  That’s good for me, but it’s even better for a diabetic cat like Bagheera.

Have a good Furiday and thanks for reading the stories Bagheera and I share with you!

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