Lucky and Bindy Continue to Improve

Hello, kind humans.  I hope you didn’t mind that I took Furiday off yesterday.  Even though I want to spread the word about special needs cats, including diabetic cats, I need a day off from time to time.  I hope you are enjoying your Caturday.

Today I wanted to share with you good news about our furiends Lucky and Bindy.  If you have been reading my blog at all, you know that Lucky and Bindy were victims of horrible abuse on the part of cruel humans.  But while their stories started out very sadly, the outpouring of love from you humans turns those sad stories into happy ones.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants You to Give Lucky a Tummy RubLucky continues to heal well, and he is going to become even more famous.  On Monday, June 3, between 9:30 and 10 AM, Lucky’s story is going to be shared on Fox 5 in Washington DC.  It looks like it is possible to watch them live, so if you can, watch his story.

And Lucky is such a modest guy.  He claims to be just a humble orange tabby, but you and I know that he is a special kitty.  All of the humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team in Fairfax have fallen in love with him, as have the vets at the Parkway Veterinary Clinic.

And poor Bindy, who was abused because she was a “bad cat” for getting pregnant, is improving as well.  She is going to need long term fostering, medical care, and lots of love.  Her foster human is happy to give this to her. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to send healing thoughts to Bindy

The poor girl is still underweight, so she needs to gain more weight before the humans at Michigan Cat Rescue can make an assessment of how her kidneys and liver are doing.  But she will get all the support she needs to recover.

Interestingly enough, being underweight despite eating a lot is also a sign of being a diabetic cat.  I do not think Bindy is, but keep that in mind for your feline furiends.

Bindy is a very shy cat, which makes perfect sense after being abused.  But she is socializing with the other cats in her foster human’s home, and continues to eat on her own.  This is a long way from where she was when she was first taken in.

These stories start off sadly, but because of compassionate humans, they can end happily.  Remember, organizations like the ones that are helping Lucky and Bindy can always use help.  Help doesn’t always mean money.  Sometimes it means just volunteering and taking care of the furiends they’ve rescued.  Won’t you be like the very kinid humans at HART and Michigan Cat Rescue and spend some time with furiends who need it?

That would warm this diabetic cat’s heart.

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