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Hello, everypawdy!  One of my favorite organizations is Diabetic Cats in Need.  They help humans who do not have the resources to care for diabetic cats, and they also help by fostering and adopting out cats who are suffering from diabetes.  One of my human furiends adopted a diabetic cat named Missy from them.  DCIN was able to move Missy all the way from the east coast to California and she is settling in well.

Diabetic Cats in Need had this handsome boy treated at Helping HandsNow they are entered into a contest to win $1,500 in surgical services from Helping Hands, which is a low cost veterinary surgical center in Richmond, Virginia.  Several cats from DCIN had their dental treatment done at Helping Hands, and the results were very good.  Since DCIN often turns to Helping Hands to treat their cats, having a credit there would go a long way to making sure diabetic cats like me get to stay in their homes or find new ones.

It is very easy to vote.  All you have to do is go to the Helping Hands website, scroll down to where the voting takes place, and click on the group you’d like to vote for.

I know I ask you to vote for me in the Modern Cat cover contest every day, and I’ve been doing this for a while now.  But unlike that contest, which runs for a few months, this contest only runs for about two weeks. Diabetic Cats in Need

DCIN is up against many other very worthy groups and they need your help.  Many of you kind humans have given money to help Michigan Cat Rescue take care of Bindy, or to help Lucky with his treatment, or to help Simba get his enclosure.

Here is a chance for you to help a charity that is very dear to this diabetic cat’s heart because of who they help.  And it won’t cost you any money.  But it may save a cat’s life!  Please vote and share this link, and vote every day between now and June 16.

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  1. Voted again. Its looking good for the money. You have done a great job in helping them get the votes. Paws crossed they stay where they are until the end.

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