Freida Survives Being Dumped In a Ditch

Like many of the stories I share with you, today’s story starts out sadly but has a happy ending.  Say hello to my fellow feline Freida, who is another special needs cat.  It is easy to say that I am a diabetic cat, but Freida’s condition is much more difficult to say.  I have a hard time wrapping my feline brain around it, and my human isn’t much better.

Freida is suffering from multifocal portal venule hypoplasia and arteriolar hyperplasia (reduplication) as well as mild bile ductular hyperplasia.  I know I have a few veterinarians who read my posts, and they might know what that means.  But to make it easy for my other readers, what that means is Freida’s liver is not functioning properly and her gall bladder is much, much larger than it should be.

Now imagine dealing with that condition and being tossed in a ditch to die.  That is what happened to poor Freida, but a kind human saw the tiny little kitten, who was malnourished, covered in fecal matter, and whose fur was severely matted.  He called his friend who runs a cat boarding facility, and Freida was taken in by Forgotten Felines of Maine.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is glad Forgotten Felines helped this kitten

Forgotten Felines knew that Freida needed care, so they sent her to Bayview Animal Hospital.  The veterinarians and staff at Bayview fell in love with Freida, and they started treatment right away.  She was in such bad shape that just shaving the mats off her took more than two hours.

Freida is still sick.  But she is recovering, and the wonderful humans at Forgotten Felines and Bayview put little sweaters on Freida to keep her warm.  She is eating and gaining weight.  And she loves to return the affection of the humans who took in a tiny little kitten who was left to die.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to meet Freida!

If you would like to learn more about this little kitten who refused to die and who was rescued by kind humans and given a second chance on life, visit Freida’s Facebook page.  She is another example of how a special needs cat — whether they’re a diabetic cat like me or suffering from another condition — have lots of love to give to the right human.

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