Avian Friends for a Diabetic Cat

You probably remember that a while ago, I told you that Jacey and I have been banished from the balcony because of the arrival of a nesting mourning dove.  I tell everyone that I am a diabetic cat, but that doesn’t mean I don’t retain the instincts and prey drive of any other cat.  So even though Jacey and I have tried to convince our human that we will not attack the bird, he isn’t giving in and he’s keeping us off the balcony.

And now he says he has even more reason to keep us off the balcony.  It’s one thing to have fully grown birds, who can fly away, near cats like me and Jacey.  They will very likely escape before we get them.

Two tiny reasons why Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is banished from the balconyBut the eggs hatched the other day, and now we have two little hatchlings.  They are adorable, but they are also totally helpless and they would very quickly become a meal for me and Jacey.

So if our human was even toying with the idea of letting us on the balcony, he’s not doing that now.

Our human has done some more reading about mourning doves, and he has told Jacey and me that we will have to stay off the balcony for another two weeBagheera the Diabetic Cat working on his fur tanks.  That is the amount of time it takes for a mourning dove hatchling to grow into a fledgling.  Once they become fledglings, it is likely that the mourning doves will fly away.

That is when our human will let us back on the balcony.  And we like it there.  Here is a picture of Jacey and me soaking up the sun and working on our fur tans.  Just because I am a diabetic cat doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look good.  And all cats, especially southern California cats, need fur tans!

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