Please Help Diabetic Cat Caesar!

I’ve been happy to share many stories of cats that started out sadly but finished with a happy ending.  Today I hope that my fellow diabetic cat Caesar will be the next one who has this kind of story written about him.Say hello to diabetic cat Caesar

Diabetic Cats In Need, who you kind humans helped win a contest, needs your help again.  Caesar needs a new home and I hope that you can help him find one.

He’s an eight year old black cat with short fur and beautiful green eyes.  He’s a laid back cat who loves attention, and he would love to shower you with lots of love.

But that wasn’t enough for the unkind human who didn’t understand that taking Caesar into her life was a long term commitment.  She abandoned Caesar at her ex-boyfriend’s house, and he has not been able to get her to take him back.  And she didn’t let Caesar’s current caretaker know that he was diabetic, so he gradually relapsed.Untreated diabetic cats get neuropathy

When diabetic cats don’t get treatment, we develop a condition called neuropathy.  Instead of walking normally, we start to walk on our haunches.  That is how Caesar’s caretaker knew something was wrong, but he figured that Caesar got hurt playing with his furiend. But when his caretaker took Caesar to the vet, the diagnosis was feline diabetes.

Caesar’s current caretaker loves him, and would love to have him around so that he can continue to play with his furiend Midnight.  But unfortunately, he travels for work frequently and that means poor Caesar doesn’t get treatment for his diabetes.  Because diabetic cats need regular treatment, he is getting sicker and sicker.

Can you help my fellow diabetic cat Caesar find a home?Caesar’s caretaker wants him to have a home where he can receive regular treatment for his diabetes.  He is willing to help with transportation and initial startup costs for treatment. But he can’t help Caesar right now, and rather than let him slowly decline, he will take him to a shelter if a home isn’t found for Caesar.

Let’s be honest.  Caesar going to a shelter is a death sentence.  He is a black cat, and they are the last to be adopted.  Add in his diabetes, and you can forget about it.

Can you help this loving and sweet cat find a home?  If you can’t take him in permanently, can you foster him?  Or share this story so that this kind diabetic cat can find a home?

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