Why Your Cat Won’t Be Quiet

Hi, everyone.  One of the things you hear around this house is Jacey talking and then my human telling her to be quiet.  You would think that he’s used to cats that talks, since I am a bengal cat.  And since I’m a diabetic cat, I also complain when he sticks my ear for blood testing or doesn’t give me the dry food that I like.

But compared to Jacey, I am like a monk who took a vow of silence!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat does not talk like these two catsCatster, which is a great place for you humans to visit, recently wrote an article that features five reasons why cats like Jacey won’t be quiet.  Here they are:

  • We are hungry.  Think about what happens in the morning.  You wake up, or your cat wakes you up, and you go and feed your cat.  That’s a good human, by the way.  We have you well trained if you do this.  When we are hungry, we need to let you know.  Felines like me are independent animals, but we can’t open our own food bins.  So we let you know we’re hungry, and being the good caretakers that you are, you feed us.
  • We want your attention.  Let’s face it.  Even though as a diabetic cat, sometimes, attention means ear sticks and needle sticks, I still love my human.  And when I want him to pay attention to me, I talk.  And Jacey?  She seems to alwaBagheera the Diabetic Cat doesn't sing like thisys want his attention, so she is always talking.
  • We have a song stuck in our heads.  I have learned that you humans get something called an ear worm, where you can’t keep from signing a certain song.  Did you think that we felines can’t get those?  I often get Pink Floyd stuck in my head.  Why?  Since I am a diabetic cat, my human tells me “just a little pin prick” and warns me that I “may feel a little sick.”
  • We see a ghost.  And don’t laugh.  We cats can smell and hear things that you humans cannot.  So we are trying to scare the ghosts away.  You’re welcome.
  • We want to annoy you.  My human sometimes plays the poke game with me and Jacey.  He will poke us until we get annoyed and swat at him.  Well, I swat at him.  Jacey is too polite to do that, and she just pushes his hand away.  When we meow and there’s nothing wrong, this is what we are doing to you.  It’s how we get our human to play the monster game.

So now you know why we felines like to talk.  What do you think about this diabetic cat’s reasons?

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