Miracles Continue for Burned Kitten Justin

Hello, everypawdy.  I hope that you enjoyed Jacey stepping in for me yesterday.  I figured it would be good to let her talk.  Every now and then, this diabetic cat likes to take a day off so yesterday was a good day for Jacey to talk.  And boy, does she ever like to talk!

You will remember that I shared the story about burned kitten Justin with you.  Thanks to kind humans like you, Justin was given a chance to recover.  While he will bear scars of his abuse for the rest of his life, he has made a miraculous recovery thanks to the efforts of Animal Alliance of New Jersey and Crown Veterinary Specialists.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's furiend JustinWell, Justin is doing a lot better, as you can see.  He has decided that he likes his lamb chop and he is going to hug it so that it is not taken away from him.  You can see the scars, as he’s missing most of his ears, but other than that, doesn’t he look like a happy, playful kitten?

The lamb chop was a gift from his foster cousins, and Justin took right to it.  There’s nothing like having a furry friend like the gift you give him!

Justin is acting like a normal kitten in some other ways.  Sometimes, he is very mischievous.  Other times, he likes to be wrapped up in a little blanket like the little baby that he is.  He also loves to hop into baskets.  And just like many cats, Justin loves to get massages behind his ears.  He rewards his foster human with purrs and kisses.

You can see how well he has recovered.  He’s just as playful as any other kitten.  Isn’t he adorable?  The missing ears almost make him cuter!

Justin is another special needs cat that I love to talk about.  Whether they are diabetic cats like me, or cats recovering from abuse like Justin, what is important is that there is nothing wrong with our hearts.

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  1. SO happy that Justin-Kitty is growing up healthy and strong! He sure is CUTE! Praying he finds his forever home soon!!

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