It’s a Beautiful Day in this Neighborhood

My human told me to sing that song this morning, and he told me it is from a famous entertainer who did shows for small humans.

And that is what it is today.  It is a very nice day, especially since our human has let me and Jacey spend some time on the balcony.  He even lets us relax there without constantly checking on us because Jacey is no longer being bad and going on the outside of the balcony railing!  So not only is our human nice to take care of a diabetic cat, but he is nice enough to reward us when we are good.

Speaking of good, I had some good stories to share with you recently that you may not have seen, so I wanted to pass those along today.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is happy Dill and Jem have a furever home!It is always a happy day at Tenth Life Cats when one of my fellow felines finds a furever home.  Well, this week, Dill and Jem, who were feral cats that Tenth Life took the time to socialize, found a furever home for the second time.  Their story finally concluded with a happy ending, after many sad developments.

And my good furiend Lucky has taken the next step in his recovery from the burns inflicted on him by a cruel human who dumped acid on him.  Lucky is now at a foster home.  He joins his good furiend Fortune in a foster home.  These two special needs cats were helped by the wonderful humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team in Fairfax.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to help Michigan Cat RescueTo do these wonderful things, kind humans running these organizations need your help.  And right now, Michigan Cat Rescue needs some kitten food.  They are the ones who nursed sweet Bindy, who was abused, back to health.  Can you help them by buying a little kitten food so that they can help more of my fellow felines?

Well, it is time for an ear stick for this diabetic cat, so I will tolerate it and then hiss at my human for doing it.  But at least you have some fun stories to read!

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