A Truly Wonderful Human

First, I have to say that I love my human.  He has accepted the additional responsibilities that come with taking care of a diabetic cat like me without fussing about it.  I would say that I fuss more at him when it is time for the ear sticks.  He takes my blood sugar readings, gives me insulin, and accepts that this is what he will have to do for as long as I am with him on this planet.

But compared to a true angel at Tenth Life Cats, what my human does is nothing.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Thanks Bobbi for all she has done for my fellow felinesPlease say hello to Bobbi.  You may know her feline furiend a little better.  I have shared the story of Lincoln, the formerly quadriplegic cat that recovered.  Well, this is the human who helped Lincoln recover.  She has been a foster for Tenth Life for about a year now.  And in addition to Lincoln, who is now her cat, she is fostering Sinatra.  Sinatra is a paraplegic, and cannot use his rear legs, but she is helping him overcome that.

Through Tenth Life, Bobbi is always ready to step up and help cats who are facing the most daunting challenges.  Her experience with Lincoln and Sinatra seems to have ignited a real fire in her.

So it should come as no surprise that when Tenth Life needed someone to take on a very difficult challenge, Bobbi stepped up.  Poor little Jefferson is a four week old kitten.  His former human was heartbroken when a closing door caused Jefferson to sBagheera the Diabetic Cat Thanks Tenth Life for Helping Jeffersonuffer from pulmonary and spinal bruising.  Due to an inability to pay the high cost of care for Jefferson and his condition, his former human made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize him.  But before the procedure took place, a veterinary technician put a stop to it, and called Bobbi.

Bobbi asked Tenth Life whether they would take Jefferson into their fold, and Tenth Life responded with an enthusiastic yes.  Based on Bobbi’s experience with Sinatra and Lincoln, they are hopeful that Jefferson will walk again.

Being a diabetic cat is no fun, and the ear sticks and injections are annoying.  But at least I can walk and run around like all other cats can.  I want to send head bonks and purrs to Tenth Life and Bobbi for helping so many felines with much tougher conditions.

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