Survivor Kitty Lucky Still Needs Treatment

By now, you are very familiar with my ginger buddy Lucky.  He is an inspiration and made the challenges of a diabetic cat look easy.  It was a cause for celebration when he left the recovery room, which he called the spa, and headed home with his foster human.  Well, after a few days, Lucky headed back to the veterinarians who oversaw his healing at Parkway Veterinary Clinic for a checkup and to see how the healing is going.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Lucky

While Lucky has come a long way since he was first rescued and treated, he is still not completely healed.  The healing has been good around his right eye, the right side of his neck, and under his jaw.  His foster human has been applying compresses on the parts of his skin that are still healing.  It is likely this has helped.

Not surprisingly, as a feline who suffered from such horrible burns, Lucky is developing thick scars and it is starting to split in some places.  He will need to go see the humans with white coats in order to have the skin around the back of his neck treated.  And he is going to need to get eye drops and skin cream in order to treat his eye, which he hopefully will be able to close soon, and around his cheeks.  This is going to be something that Lucky will need for an extenBagheera the Diabetic Cat's furiend Lucky made a new furiendded time.

And Lucky has a new furiend who looks a lot like him!  His foster human has five other felines — maybe I should stop whining about being a diabetic cat who has a just one foster cat with him.  One is a ginger like Lucky, and guess how excited Lucky was to see him?  He started to chirp when he saw his fellow ginger cat Marmalade.

Lucky is adapting well to being a cat who is well taken care of by a human instead of fending for himself on the streets.  But he still retains some of his street nature.  For example, when he was an outdoor cat, he had to avoid predatory birds.  So when a raven flew by his human’s window, Lucky’s survival instincts kicked in and he took cover.

But he is very happy in his new home, and he will not let the surgery and treatments stop him!

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