A Diabetic Cat’s Visitor Settles In

Hello, everyone.  I hope you are having a good weekend and spending it with your furry and human friends and family.  I am settling in and getting ready for a couple of days with extra ear sticks, but I know my human does it because he loves me.  Such is the life of a diabetic cat.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey have a guestYou will remember that my human brought in a feline visitor a couple of days ago.  Jacey and I did not like it, but we have started to accept it.  Our human told us that he loves us and will take good care of us even though we have a visitor.  And he is showing that to us so we are adjusting to having a feline visitor in the house.

It is like what happens with you humans when an extra person comes to stay with you.  You may not like it, but you adapt to it because being unhappy about it does you no good.  We are doing the same thing.  Because I am diabetic cat, my human has no choice but to give me attention and noms several times a day.  Jacey isn’t diabetic, but she is so cute and fun that she gets attention no matter what.

We think our feline guest will be like that soon, but she is still being shy.  Her safe place away from us is under our human’s bed.  She has started to come around more and investigate her temporary home a little more.  We are getting much more tolerant of this.  Jacey doesn’t care, and I only complain when she gets too close to my noms.  So this pretty blue eyed snow bengal is okay with the other felines. A Blue Eyed Snow Bengal Similar to this is Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's guest

But here is what is funny.  Our human thought he was doing something good, and that the guest would appreciate it.  In spite of this, she is much more nervous of him than she is of her fellow felines.

You know he is a good and kind human because he takes care of a diabetic cat.  But she doesn’t, and she only knows him as the person who she started to trust a little and who returned that trust by taking her to a strange place.

She will come around, and he will be able to show her off to other humans so that she can find a good furever home.

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