Can Another Tenth Life Cat Defy the Odds?

You all remember my good furiend Lincoln.  He was rescued by Tenth Life, and when he was taken in to the veterinarian, all he could do was track his human’s finger with his eyes.  He couldn’t move at all.  Lincoln was completely paralyzed.  But his human took him in, and started therapy and acupuncture.  Now, Lincoln is a completely normal cat who loves to wear bow ties and serve as an ambassador for Tenth Life.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend LincolnWhenever I feel bad about being a diabetic cat, I think about Lincoln and it makes me feel better.  If he can handle being completely paralyzed and grow up to be a normal and happy cat, then I certainly can tolerate the ear sticks and insulin shots.

I also introduced you to the human who took in Lincoln and nursed him to a full recovery.

Well, even though she has done so much for Tenth Life and helped many felines other than Lincoln, she took on another difficult case.

Tenth Life took in another cat who was paralyzed.  His name is Jefferson, and he was paralyzed as a result of a door accidentally closing on him.  The poor guy was only three weeks old when this accident occurred.  Who better to try to nurse Jefferson back to health than the human who did it for Lincoln? Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Pulling for Jefferson

That is exactly what is going on right now.  Jefferson has started physical therapy on a daily basis with his human.  Soon, they will start acupuncture.  This is the same treatment that worked to turn Lincoln from a completely paralyzed cat into a happy and playful ambassador for Tenth Life.

Hopefully Jefferson will recover just as well as Lincoln did and become another Tenth Life cat who defied the odds and recovered from being paralyzed.  This diabetic cat is pulling for him.  I know you are, too.

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