Many Humans Help My Fellow Bengal Cats

I love sharing good news with you, and today I have some very good news for around 30 cats.  A breeder of bengal cats like me recently died, and the San Diego County Department of Animal Services had to take the cats he was caring for in.  This is a large intake for any animal rescue group.  It’s especially challenging given that they had just dealt with a hoarding situation, and had to take care of those cats.  I do not know if any of these cats are diabetic cats like me, but that would have made it even more difficult! Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is happy this group was able to help so many bengals

According to some people, there was a concern that many of these cats were not well socialized.  Well, we bengal cats are a demanding breed, and we tend to bond very closely with our humans.  So many of us do not react well when we see a human we do not know and when that human wants to put us in a cage!  This is why I have a visitor.  My human knew that she would not do well in a cage, and so she is here visiting until she gets a furever home.

My human offered to go and pull any of the cats that people could either come and get from him quickly or who would have their transport paid for so that he could drop them off at the airport and sent to whoever wanted to give them a furever home.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is happy this group was able to help so many bengalsFortunately, it does not look like he has to do this.  Because so many people offered to help, it looks like all of the cats will have new homes.  Here is what the human in charge of these cats said.

Thank you for the inquiry about the Bengal cats. We have had such a great response from people looking to help. At this time, I am happy to inform you that it appears all the cats will probably be going to new homes by the end of next week.”

Doesn’t this make you happy?  So many kind humans rallied to help my fellow bengal cats.  Maybe that is part of the reason that my blood sugar readings have lately been below the level of diabetic cats and I’ve been able to skip some insulin shots!

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