Cats Aren’t Garbage and Rescue Proves It

Do you remember Bindy?  She was a cat who was abused because a human decided that she was a bad cat that needed to be punished. Why did they think she was a bad cat?  Because they didn’t fix her, and she got pregnant.  And while diabetic cats like me can go blind if our diabetes isn’t treated, Bindy may have lost an eye due to her abuse.

But Michigan Cat Rescue took Bindy in, and nursed her back to health.  She was soon available for adoption.  Now they are doing the same for another cat.

This cat was placed in a box that was sealed up, and garbage was written on the box.  The only reason she was not picked up and tossed into the garbage truck was because someone heard her faint Bagheera the Diabetic Cat says Felines are Never Garbagemeows coming out of the box.  The humans who did this knew what they were doing, because they taped the box very tightly so that she would not escape and also made sure not to put any holes in there so that it would muffle her meowing.  I know that my human fans would never do something so cruel, but unfortunately, there are too many humans who do not realize that we felines are NEVER garbage.

Obviously, my poor fellow feline was very upset by this.  Michigan Cat Rescue thinks she is about three years old, and she is a very pretty calico.  While she was scared, she had started to warm up to the humans at the rescue.Say Hello to Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Treasure

This girl was an unexpected rescue, and while Michigan Cat Rescue is struggling to pay for the cats they currently have, they could not turn this girl away.  Who can blame them?  After the nightmare this girl, who has been named Treasure, has been through, she deserves a good home.

I know that Bagheera’s the Diabetic Cat’s Buddies have been very generous.  Hopefully you can help once again.  And if you cannot, please share this story so that others can.

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