Do Your Cats Visit You in the Bathroom?

My good furiends at Catster wrote an article about how cats love to go to the bathroom when their humans are in there.  Now, this is definitely true with me.  I like to go follow my human into the bathroom in the morning, and we use our toilets together.  This makes things easier for him.  When he learned I was a diabetic cat, he would see who took longer to finish emptying the bladder.  When I took longer than he did, he knew that my blood sugar level was likely to be elevated!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat uses the litter box when his human uses the toiletOf course, I am not the only cat that likes to go to the bathroom with his human.  Jacey will eventually join us in there.  And she will talk to hm, and demand that he pet her.  Then she will complain about how I used the litter box and it needs to be cleaned.  My human will then clean the box, and she will use it.

My human has learned to just go ahead and wait for Jacey to use the box before he flushes my waste and his waste down the toilet.  You humans may think you train us cats, but sometimes, we train you!

And we are far from the only cats that demand some time when our humans are in the bathroom.  The author of the Catster article wrote about how cats love to catch their humans when they are seated, because we know you cannot escape and if we complain, you will pet us!  You expect that since we want privacy in our litter boxes, we would give you the same.  But it just ain’t so.

And it doesn’t stop at the toilet for me and Jacey.  The other thing we enjoy dBagheera the Diabetic Cat likes to do what this cat is doingoing with our human is waiting for him to go into the shower, and then sitting right by the tub.  We will talk to him, and when he opens the shower door, we sit there and stare at him, wanting him to get out of the tub.

You see, it takes some time for the water to drain from the tub, and we love to sit on the edge of the tub and splash the water around with our paws.  And we do not like to wait for our human very long, because the water will drain away.  He has learned to get out of the shower, dry himself with the towel, and move away so we can play.  I tell him playing is good for a diabetic cat, so he needs to let me do it.

Do your feline furiends play any games with you while you are in the bathroom?  Share your stories!

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4 Replies to “Do Your Cats Visit You in the Bathroom?”

  1. Well I give Dad his time in the wet litter pan but Toby runs in to have a morning chat. Buddy likes to visit too and get a head pet. Buttons likes when Dad gets all wet, why to they do that anyhow, anyway, Buttons likes to have a Wet-Pet. Says its good for the fur.

    1. My human tells me he does it because he is not able to lick himself clean like we can. So he has to use running water, and this thing called soap. I just meow and shake my head. Sometimes humans, who are very smart creatures, do things that are very silly.

  2. Whenever Mikey is hiding out under my bed and I can’t get him to come out, all I usually have to do is go to the bathroom. Within moments, he’s out from under the bed and has joined me in the bathroom. Silly cats!

    1. We are just being smart. We know that when you humans go into the bathroom, we can pretty much harass you as much as we want because you can’t move. Even if you are not standing there and using the human litter box, like my human does, we know you cannot move. So we go to harass you!

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