Call it Loving Like Cats and Dogs!

My human tells me there is a phrase you have, “fighting like cats and dogs.”  Well, I do not like that phrase.  Neither Jacey nor I have fought with any dog.  I did get mad at the dog of my human’s brother, but that was because she barked at me in my own house.  So I hissed at her to let her know she couldn’t push me around.  Just because I am a diabetic cat doesn’t mean I will back down in my own home!

That doesn’t mean we were fighting.  In fact, many dogs and cats get along very well.  I told you about a dog who nursed a little kitten who was abandoned.  And today, I want to share a story of a dog who saved a cat’s life with you.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is happy Rory is aliveA cat named Rory lives in New Zealand.  He ingested some rat poison, and got very sick.  His human rushed him to the place with humans in white coats, and the diagnosis was grim.  Rory needed a blood transfusion very quickly.  It was his only chance.  The human in the white coat knew that a blood transfusion from a cat with the wrong blood type would kill Rory.  But she also knew that since cats don’t have any antibodies to dog blood, so a transfusion from a dog would work. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is glad Macy gave blood and saved a life!

Fortunately, the white coated humans at Tauranga Veterinary Services were able to locate a dog to give the transfusion.  A black lab named Macy was brought in, and the transfusion took place.

Rory’s reaction to the transfusion was nothing short of miraculous.  Within 90 minutes of getting the blood from Macie, Rory was up, purring, and asking for food.  The human in the white coat didn’t expect such a miraculous recovery.

Fortunately, even though I hate ear sticks and insulin shots that I need as a diabetic cat, I’ve never needed a blood transfusion.  But if I do need one, I will not mind if it comes from a dog.  You humans should retire the phrase about how we fight.

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  1. please let me know if you need a home for little mister i have found a woman who really wants him and transport can be arranged. Margaret is anziously awaiting a reply from me.<3 julie

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