My Ginger Buddy Is Helping A Diabetic Cat

You all know about my ginger buddy Lucky.  You know that he was tortured, recovered, and now is living in the home of a wonderful human who is taking good care of him.  But my good furiend Lucky has not forgotten where he came from, and he works to use the audience he has to help other special needs cats.  Today I want to share with you one of those cats, who is a diabetic cat like me.

Say Hello to My Fellow Diabetic Cat TateLittle Man Tate is a ginger boy like Lucky who joined the Homeless Animals Rescue Team.  He was part of a feral colony, and the human taking care of the colony noticed Tate when he was weakly meowing at her.  He was in bad shape, and could barely walk.  His movements were very uncoordinated.  It was clear he needed help.  And thanks to all of you generous humans who have given to the Lucky fund, HART was able to take Tate in.

Well, as Lucky said, the reason I know so much about Tate is because he is a diabetic cat like me.  But even though it is not fun to be a diabetic cat, I was far better off than Tate.  I had a human who committed to treating my condition.  Tate, as part of a feral colony, did not have this.

One of the things that can happen when a diabetic cat does not get treated is that we will be unable to process the food we eat properly.  So we eat normally — in fact, we may eat more than we normally do — but we lose weight.  And our blood composition gets all messed up, too.  That is what happened to Tate.  His lack of coordination was due to a severe electrolyte balance. Diabetic Cats Get This Twice a Day

Tate is now with a human that is part of HART.  His quality of life has much improved, and he is putting on weight.  He is starting to show more trust and love for the human who is caring for him every day.

He is in a good situation, but this is only temporary.  His human caretaker is moving to another state to help with the care of an elderly relative.  So he will need a foster home, or a furever home.

Lucky is very kind to share this story of another diabetic cat.  Can we help my ginger buddy find a home for Tate?

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