Many Humans Help Rescue a Diabetic Cat

You know I love to share stories of diabetic cats like me being helped by humans.  I am very happy to share a story that was brought to my attention by the humans at Diabetic Cats in Need.  I did not see the story in enough time to help, but fortunately, I did not have to.  My fellow diabetic cat, who was abandoned, found a home!

Say Hello to Rescued Diabetic Cat ShadowIt all started when Shadow, who a human in a white coat estimated was about seven years old, wandered into the life of a human named Maria.  He was with her for about a week, and it was clear he was abandoned because he had taken the trip to the humans in white coats to have his boy parts taken away.  By the way, humans, you tell us it is for our own good, but we do not like it, and we remember it.  My human thinks I sometimes accidentally land where his are and I’ll let him think that.

Shadow suffered from the same condition as Tate.  If diabetic cats do not get treated, we get very skinny and bad things happen.  In Shadow’s case, the human in the white coat said it had gotten to the point where treatment needed to start immediately or it would be more humane to euthanize Shadow.  He was given until yesterday to find a home.

Maria would have loved to have helped Shadow, but the place she lives would not allow her to have any more cats.  So she turned to social media and shared Shadow’s story on the Diabetic Cats in Need Facebook page.  Many kind humans offered to help.  There were three serious adoption offers in just one day, and Shadow went to the human who was closest to him.

According to his new human, Shadow is fitting in very well, and is doing all sorts of cute things with the other felines in the house.  You can go see what is happening in Shadow’s life on the Facebook page for him and his feline furiends.

It always makes me happy when kind humans help with my fellow diabetic cats.  Shadow’s story is especially wonderful because it happened so quickly.  But don’t forget, Diabetic Cats in Need has lots of felines who do need help.

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2 Replies to “Many Humans Help Rescue a Diabetic Cat”

  1. I belong to a cat rescue/tnr group and have been made aware of a diabetic cat. I hesitate to take him on because I have many fosters and not enough time. He may not have much time either. I dont even know his name and have been told that his humans can no longer afford to treat him which made him pee all over the house so they booted him outdoors. This breaks my heart but I fear I would not be the best foster home for him. Advice please.

    1. Lori, you are a kind human to be willing to take on a diabetic cat. You will have to give him two insulin shots per day and test his blood at least twice a day. You will also have to feed him a high quality, low carb diet. This can be wet food or it can be dry food that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

      If you get his blood sugar under control, it is likely he will stop urinating inappropriately. When we diabetic cats are not treated, we have to drink lots of water, and sometimes, we cannot hold it until we get to the litter box. Plus, the litter box is often smelly because we have gone in it so many times and made it full of waste. You humans do not like to use a toilet that is full of waste and we felines do not like to use a litter box like that.

      If you need financial assistance, please contact Diabetic Cats in Need. My story yesterday was about them.

      Please write to me if you have any other questions. But if you cannot treat my fellow diabetic cat, it is better to let him go than to leave him outside. He will get very sick and will likely die a slow and painful death.

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