Happy Stories from Diabetic Cats In Need

This morning, my human was on the computer.  I saw he was looking at something, and then I heard him say “that’s good news.”

“What is it, human?”

“Bagheera, there is good news about two diabetic cats from your favorite rescue group, Diabetic Cats in Need.”

“Well, tell me so I can share!”

Diabetic Cat Smokey Will Get a Chance to LiveSmokey was a cat with less than a week to live.  He was in Baltimore, and his diabetes had remained untreated by the irresponsible humans who were not caring for him.  They were going to take him to a high kill shelter, where he would have been scared for the few days he remained alive.  Diabetic Cats in Need intervened, and took him in for a few days of loving care before his last meeting with the humans in white coats.

But Diabetic Cats in Need spread the word about Smokey’s plight, and I am very happy that many humans offered to take care of him.  Now instead of being euthanized, Smokey will be treated and will go to a furever home.  The humans at Diabetic Cats In Need will be visiting the homes of humans who want to take in Smokey.  I do not know where he will go, but he will go to a place where he is treated properly.

Then there is the story of Scooter, who has been in a home far away from me in a place called Canada.  He was living in British Columbia, and his human really wasn’t able to take care of him.  She contacted Diabetic Cats In Need, and they looked to find him a home.

It took a long time, but Scooter is now on his way to a long term foster with an organization in Maine.  To get to his new home, he has to endure the long flight in the metal tube that I did, only in the opposite direction.  His journey started with a flight from Vancouver to Toronto, with a human escorting him.  Diabetic Cat Scooter Has a New Home!

He spent a week in Toronto, getting those papers you humans require to travel across international borders.  He is now on his way to Maine, where he will be in the hands of the Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Maine for his 48 hour quarantine.  Then he will head to his permanent rescue.

All of this takes a lot of commitment from Diabetic Cats in Need, and it also means they need lots of those green paper things you humans seem to care about a lot.  Can you help them with those?  If you can, please donate in Scooter’s name and if you can’t, please share this so that someone else can.

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