Who Wins A Bag of Grain Free Food?

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.  Today my human normally goes to that thing called work, but he is at home today.  Maybe he is just learning to be more like us felines and relax instead of working.  But even though he is not working, he was up and gave me the insulin shot and ear stick a diabetic cat needs along with my food.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Giving Away Two Bags of This FoodSpeaking of food, did you know that I am participating in a contest with Hills Science Diet?  I get to give away two free 20 pound bags of their food throughout the month of September.  While Jacey, Marley, and I could definitely consume them ourselves, we have decided that we want to give them to a charitable organization.

This week, we get to give away two bags of Hills Science Diet’s Adult Grain Free food.  What makes grain free food different, you ask?  You are smart humans for asking.

Many humans are starting to feed their felines grain free food because some of us do not like the grains found in many foods.  Some of us get itchy and dry skin when we eat food with grains in it, and some of us get upset stomachs.

It is important to remember that grain free does not mean carbohydrate free, especially if you are caring for a diabetic cat like me.  The grains are often replaced with ingredients that also have a high carbohydrate level, such as sweet potatoes.  And grain free does not mean high protein, either.

But this food has been designed so that it has the right balance of nutrients for most cats.  It is not necessarily good for a diabetic cat like me, but for many cats, it will be very good.  The humans at Hill’s say that they have designed it so that it helps support a feline’s kidneys, immune system, and vision.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants to fill lots of these bowls!

For a rescue organization, food is often one of the items they spend most of those green paper things on.  So let’s send some food to one.  Go to my page on Facebook, Bagheera the Diabetic Cat, and choose a rescue group to send the food to.  If I did not list one that you’d like to get the free food, please add them.

Some rescue group is going to get some good noms for their felines.  Help me choose one!

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4 Replies to “Who Wins A Bag of Grain Free Food?”

    1. Happy paw taps to you for coming by and letting me know. There are many places that you kind humans have mentioned. I will need to get a final word from my fans at the end of the week.

    1. I will make sure I enter them in the list of charities to give the food to. I will do a list of the charities people have mentioned and make sure I give everyone a chance to vote.

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